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Aug 19th
Okay, i love how you bring up the point PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 31 March 2010 21:43
Okay, i love how you bring up the point of filipinos being Hispanic, but Filipinos should not be considered Latino. Latino is a culture of the America's strongly influenced by Spanish and Portuguese language and culture, Latino culture consists of the Indian and African traditions and tongues that blended with the Iberian cultures to create, a second-class of Romance cultures and the Latino-America that we know today(Mexican,Dominican,Puerto-Rican..ect. Anywhere where the Iberian cultures flourished, the people in those places should be considered HISPANIC (Philippines, Dominican-Rep, Salvador, Easter-Island, Venezuela..). So i feel that to place the label "Latino", on the Filipino people is unfair to them, unless they were born in the Americas and were raised in the Latino ways, but Filipinos, Macauenos, Guamanians and other cultures influenced by the Iberian culture should definitly be considered HISPANIC, but to consider them "Latino", is just not correct. -Thanks For Reading :)

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