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Sep 27th
On Mon, 8/24/09, JT Mallonga wrote: PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 15:08
On Mon, 8/24/09, JT Mallonga wrote: From: JT Mallonga Subject: Urgent Request For Special Board Meeting on Aug. 27 To "Create Board of Inquiry" To: "Greg" , < Date: Monday, August 24, 2009, 5:30 PM Date: August 24, 2009 To : Greg Macabenta Rozita Lee National Chair National Vice-Chair Subject: Request for Special Board Meeting In the light of certain highly publicized news items relative to allegations of NaFFAA's non-accountability OR failure of accountability of moneys received from Wells Fargo in 2002, we owe it to the public, the community at large , and to our NaFFAA members to once and for all PUT THIS ISSUE AT REST. What is at stake is no less than the "dream that is NaFFAA" and, the hopes and aspirations of the larger Filipino American community it represents as well the tireless and self-less contributions of countless and anonymous NaFFAA volunteers who toil to make this dream come true. The most recent news item appeared in the August 21-27 edition of Filipino Reporter (a widely read ethnic publication in the East Coast) which put an above-the fold front page "report" entitled "NaFFAA nearing Bankruptcy: report" under by byline of a certain Romeo P. Marquez. Pursuant to Section 4, Article IV of the NaFFAA Constitution and By-Laws, I respectfully request that a special meeting of the Board be called on August 27, 2009 to vote on a motion which the undersigned - in his dual capacity as Region One Chair and a member of the Board - will introduce for Board approval. Under said provision, only the National Chair OR the National Vice Chair can call for such a special meeting. I will move that a resolution be passed by the Board to create an independent "Board of Inquiry" to look into the allegations of NaFFAA's non-accountability OR failure of accountability of moneys received from Wells Fargo in 2002. That said "Board of Inquiry" shall have the following paramenters: One, that it will act as a FACT-FINDING commission that shall gather all the facts and evidences on the said allegation(s). Two, that it shall be vested with the FULL AUTHORITY to require any and all NaFFAA officers/members (current or former) who may have knowledge of the transaction to provide evidence and/or testimonies thereon. Third, that it shall be given FULL AUTONOMY to conduct its fact-finding mission which shall include but is not limited to establishing its own procedures and methods of inquiry, calling of witnesses and, creating a mechanism by which the public and non-NaFFAA persons likewise could submit their own evidence and/or testimonies. Fourth,that said Board of Inquiry will have until December 15, 2009 (or as is practicable) to submit its factual findings to the NaFFAA Board for its consideration and action. Fifth: that the Board shall appoint at least FIVE members of the Board of Inquiry who shall consist of persons of proven integrity and of a certain stature in the community and, will represent various sectors, namely: a. Media Representative: a non-involved media persona (open nomination) b. NaFFAA Board Representative: I nominate Atty. Ian Purugganan of Seattle, Washington c. Community Representative: I nominate Dr. Joy Bruce of Florida d. Community Representative: I nominate Atty. Arlene Matcheta of Texas e. Community Representative: (open nomination) Sixth. In the case of unexcused absences and/or failure to perform its assigned duties by any member of the Board of Inquiry, the Chair of the Board of Inquiry may recommend that the NaFFAA Board appoint alternate members. I strongly nominate Dr. Joy Bruce of Florida as CHAIR of the Board of Inquiry. Of course, said nominations are dependent upon a) acceptance by the nominee and b) subject to Board approval. My personal apology for putting on the spot the persons whom I have nominated as they have not been previously contacted by me for said responsibility. Consequently, may I respectfully request that a special meeting be called on August 27 (or such other date as may practicable) and that the same be participated in ONLY by the voting members of the Board. Very truly yours, JTS Mallonga, Esq. Chair, Region One

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