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Jan 25th
Our Patria Adorada should be renamed Tea PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 19 October 2009 05:32
Our Patria Adorada should be renamed Teatro del Absurdo, a country which defies understanding, explanation - and this point undeserving of this old man's empathetic concern. The last time Joni and I visited the Philippines, we were forced to wait for hours for our baggages at the arrival lobby because the carousel's conveyor belt was non-functioning. The returning locals from the same plane we dis- embarked from sat listlessly around for a while and then slowly transformed into a yabbering jolly mass. For hours, Filipinos of all ages were in hysteria of laughter and hoots over what was happening -or what was NOT happening - while young men cavort up and down the inclined conveyor that led to the bottom floor, some coming up with baggages that were stranded there. A group of men then took matters in their hands and formed a chain heading below and recovered our baggages themselves to the rip roaring delight of passengers. Joni whispered to me, "Where is the outrage? Why is it that there were no airport officials to give their passenger the courtesy of public explanation and apology?" When we finally made it outside the terminal, we found ourselves lost in a sea of greeters, beggars, taxi and jeepney drivers and garland vendors hawking their wares and services. The scene was of total chaos that I told Joni and the kids to hang tightly onto their bags and packs. Fast forward to the time when Joni and I went to Manila to meet with a friend. On the way back, we stopped by a four star hotel for a snack in its famous restaurant. We were immediately seated, with one of the waiters saying, natsambahan mo 'yan - referring to Joni. After a few minutes, one of the waiters came over to our table and said that a relative of mine was on the phone and would like to talk to my wife. Joni came back and asked me if I have $250 cash with me. I asked her what for, to which she replied she wanted to borrow it from me. I insisted to know why, and finally she said that a relative of mine was in an accident not too far from the hotel restaurant we were eating and that he needed bail money. According to her, my alleged relative was too shy to ask m directly. She was to meet him outside the restaurant to hand the money to him. Need I say more? Mario

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