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Jul 19th
Pahabol sa "Mga Pinoy Dyoks:" Genie: PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 03 July 2009 06:02
Pahabol sa "Mga Pinoy Dyoks:" Genie: Dahil pinalaya mo ako, may 3 wishes ka! Man: UNA Gawin mo akong rich, pero di bayad ng tax; PANGALAWA powerful, pero di halata; PANGATLO notorious, pero walang sabit. Genie: Okay, mula ngayon ikaw na si Mike Arroyo. * * * Sgt: Boss, nakatakas si Al-Ghozi. Ebdane: Huh! Did you seal all exits? Sgt: Yes, sir! Ebdane: Eh paano siya nakatakas? Sgt: Doon po kasi siya lumabas sa entrance. * * * A COW Story America has COWboy and COWgirl England has madCOW China has MaCOW Russia has MosCOW Philippines has politicians magnanaCOW * * * Erap: "Doc, I accidentally swallowed a chicken bone!" Doc: "Is it choking?" Erap: "No, it is Max's." Doc: "I don't mean 'Chow King', I mean, are you choking?...." Erap: " JOking?No, Doc! Serioso ako, Doc!"

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