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Sep 28th
Pareng Dido, It would a mistake comp PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 November 2009 15:50
Pareng Dido, It would a mistake comparing today's Manny Pacquiao to Manny Pacquiao when was just starting his boxing career. True, he had lost a couple of fights early in his career. But just like any truly gifted athlete, he was able to harness and refine his boxing talent that ultimately took him to the top------his peak. His training has improved his skills and strengthen his body and his "jaw". I believe that, as of now, Pacquiao is still in his peak. Ask me about his ability again in a couple of years or so and I'll, probably, have a different answer. As intended by the law of nature, "once you reached your peak, there is no other way but down." Not even the greatest of the greats can find can find his way around it. They are mere mortals like Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Arguello, Hagler, Hearns, Leonard and others including our very own------the legendary Flash Elorde. Didn't it ever occur to you that peoples' talents, especially in sports, take time to fully-develop at times. Think about all of those baseball, basketball, football and hockey players who developed late but ultimately excelled in their sports. Golfers are the same way too. Tiger Woods is still in his prime but, in later years, he will be nothing more but a legend like Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. Michael Jordan is now playing golf because he can no longer play basketball the way he used to. And, few years from now, Tom Brady and the Manning brothers will join Jordan on the golf course. Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez will be a twosome too one day. I'm only trying to vigorously defend my position, Pareng Dido and I hope you'll understand. But believe me, I always consider you as a person with a brilliant mind. Best, Pareng Don

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