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Sep 28th
Pareng Don, Elorde was no slouch. He PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 08 November 2009 17:27
Pareng Don, Elorde was no slouch. He defended his super-featherweight title 10 times before losing a close decision to Numata. He beat Sandy Saddler in a decision in their first match. Imagine Sandy Sandler the one who knocked out Willie Pep! When it comes to punching power, yes Pacman has a much higher percentage of KOs. When it comes to stamina, Elorde had many more 15 round fights than Pacman's 12 round fights. When it comes to taking punches, they can only go up in weight so much before feeling the sting of a bigger opponent's punch. In case of Elorde that happened in the hands of Ortiz. I pray it does not happen in the hands of Cotto for Pac. Pareng Dido

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