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Mar 26th
Pareng Jesse, While I really want to PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 25 August 2009 15:13
Pareng Jesse, While I really want to celebrate with you, let's just put it on hold for now, until the matter is finally resolved. There still accusations and counter-accusations (if I may), going on and, believe you me, I, myself, am getting lost in the maze. I want you to know that I never lost my faith in the zeal and integrity of both, Romy Marquez and Bobby Reyes, but we also have to consider the preponderance (greater number and greater weight) of evidence. However, I'm letting it be known, that the courage and convictions of hard-boiled journalists like Romy Marquez, Bobby Reyes, Jesse Jose, Bart Tubalinal, Yoly Tubalinal, Joseph Lariosa, Ting Joven and Lourdes Ceballos are what set them apart from the rest. I'll try to be like one of you one day. Don Azarias

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