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Sep 29th
Pareng Romy, et al, Thanks. I am su PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 10 November 2009 20:23
Pareng Romy, et al, Thanks. I am sure glad somebody here on this list serve has got an open mind ... and who's not a FANATIC do-or-die fan of Pakyaw. Blind fanaticism is a dangerous thing in this country. Of course, Pakyaw couldn't care less about patriotism or fanaticism and all the other isms. As you said, it's the "moneybag" that counts. The loot for Pakyaw this time is 13-million dollars, isn't? There's a lot of money in the pot that the mob would be interested in, that's for sure. If this fight will be an "HONEST" fight and not dictated by the MOB, El Kuto would surely beat Pakyaw's butt and put him in dreamland. Maybe around the 9th round or earlier. We'll see on the 14th of this month. Go Kuto! Take care now. Pareng Jesse

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