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Nov 29th
passport renewal PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 08 September 2010 23:10
Hi I just have some questions to ask. Hope u could help me..I am a newly greencard holder here in US and wish to renew my passport next month but unfortunately, I can't go to LA by myself because of my condition..My husband is currently on deployment and I can't drive plus my pregnancy situation couldn't allow me to travel alone. I have read that there is a schedule for outreach program here in San Diego and thought that would be a great help for me to renew my passport. Do I need to make an appointment first before that date or I just need to drop by at the location?Please inform me and can I know when and where is the next outreach program here in SD in case I did'nt make it this earlier. Another thing is can I retain my single last name once I renew my passport though I'm already married. The reason is I can't ammend it for now because my husband is away and were planning to have a vacation next year in PI when he come back. I can't wait for him to renew it because it will be expired 6 months from now. Plus my other documents here still stated my single last name. Is it ok if I retain it?please I really do need help and advice..Please reply to my email THanks so much and Godbless!

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