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Aug 13th
(Please note that my email response is n PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 18 August 2009 18:27
(Please note that my email response is not for publication or cannot be quoted in, or any of Bobby Reyes's sleazy tabloid arenas --- and of course, let's remember to include Romy Marquez in this circus of clowns and trolls for non-publication! For other journalists, you can contact Ben Menor for comments)... First of all, why are you listening to this Bobby Reyes, who has been charged and convicted of libel (being a liar)? He has absolutely no credibility. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha... If you believe this pseudo-journalist, then I don't know what to think of you. And Lourdes Ceballos, remember when we met at a Fil-Am Chamber meeting somewhere here in Chicagoland and I told you that Ben Menor was most likely going to be found innocent of all charges? Imagine that. Many people had told me that your group of alleged Fil-Am media practitioners in Chicagoland had already been a lynch mob (lynching Ben Menor, crucifying him with irresponsible journalism) for many years when this case first came up --- because to this date, there are friends in Chicago who still approach me to ask if the Ben Menor case, indeed, is over. In other words, Lourdes, can you really tell me straight to my face during the upcoming NaFFAA R3 Conference that your colleagues treated Ben Menor fairly? So, let's stick to the facts. It's over, the Ben Menor case is over. These trolls (check the slang dictionary online for the meaning) have nothing better to do than cast stones on a person who has truly exemplified true servant leadership in community service. Since this troll, Bobby Reyes, insists on rehashing a dead case (with the help of the Silicon Valley CRABS who know they cannot contest my facts because I was there with them, hahahaha!), let's give you the REAL DETAILS: 1. Ben Menor, in his capacity as the event manager of the NaFFAA 2002 Conference, delegated certain tasks to certain employees and volunteers at Northside --- including me! I had to buy 400 candles in San Francisco for the final ceremonies of the convention. I was empowered to shop, too! 2. You can't even get Nenita's name down correctly. Her name is Nita Geda. The crabs had a thing for Nita. They even stalked her and did a stakeout at her home, one of the CRABS told me (Penny Aguila). Poor woman! I don't think her name should be dragged in the troll-ish home of Bobby Reyes. Imagine, "alleged mistress!" Bobby Reyes, you really have a flair for comedy! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha! 3. In the 2002 NaFFAA Conference, I was wondering why Tito Cortez, the ugliest CRAB of them all, at then-Northside wasn't around much. When I was employed there, I noticed that Tito was mostly nowhere to be seen while eight employees (including me) were working their derrieres off, each one of us doing the work of eight people. To continue: Tito's actions were so inept that his grantwriting couldn't bring in any grants. So, Cheryl Platon, another employee, had to take over. I helped out, too, when I wasn't doing my regular responsibilities. His reporting to the City of San Jose sucked --- and to this day, I really perceive that he sabotaged the reporting so the accusing fingers would go to the accountable Executive Director of the center, Ben Menor (his ex-brother-in-law). The reasons why Tito Cortez and his gang of CRABS existed: a. Jealousy b. Greed c. Self-Righteousness 4. This is directed to Joseph Lariosa's irresponsible journalism --- for not being a true journalist (Many people told me that he is the "tuta" of Bobby Reyes; BR, is that true?) - Joseph Lariosa's brand of journalism (like BobbyReyes and Romy Marquez) was very unfair and one-sided when it came to Ben Menor. It almost felt as if Joseph had a political agenda. Maybe Joseph, you and I can clear this matter up. I hate having to discredit your work. - Ben Menor and many of those who had been employed at Northside were under a gag order during the investigation. The NaFFAA National and NaFFAA Region 8 officers were also bound by a gag order. So, every time well-meaninged people like Dr. Joy Bruce asked the national officers about what was really happening, these officers couldn't say anything. - What Joseph could have done in his "articles" about the Ben Menor case was to say: "Ben Menor was not available for an interview because he was bound by a gag order." Joseph, give it up! Ben couldn't talk, no one could talk, period. 5. In a nutshell, this is what happened to Ben Menor: - the two charges involving fraud and embezzlement were dismissed. - the third charge of "overstating the hours served" at Northside was reduced to a misdemeanor after restitution was paid by Ben Menor --- and after this, the misdemeanor was expunged. In other words, "expunged" means everything pertaining to this case was removed, as if nothing had happened. If I understand this correctly, since I'm not a lawyer, the evidence that the District Attorney gathered did not result in a conviction for Ben Menor. INNOCENT, THAT'S MY WORD. And, let's set the record straight. It was the District Attorney who asked for a plea bargain, not Ben Menor. "No contest" was the agreement. Why don't we leave Ben in peace --- and allow him to continue serving his community? THE TRUTH PREVAILED. 6. Bobby Reyes, Romy Marquez, and other trolls believe that they can spread lies on the internet, pretending that they are the harbingers of truth. IF I WERE YOU, FOLKS, I WOULD TELL THESE TWO PEOPLE, BOBBY REYES AND ROMY MARQUEZ: "YOU ARE FULL OF IT --- AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!" Lorna Dietz

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