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Jul 15th
President NOYNOY or other presidentiables PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 02:48
Im quite unsure whats happening inside the palace right now like cia budget i agree for some budget better kept hidden to the public but that is if we are America, Russia or China who have enemy hidden at its tail. What i want to point out is that since building project were built by engineers, supplies which include fertilizers and loans where given to people responsible in channeling this supplies by our goverment, education sector the allocation of funds for employee and purchasing of equipment 'the pricing'. these were some big project that can save us billions if were taken care. My question was since we have many Ralliest who are very determined to do anything to even at some point make things worse, who are vigillant enough, why not hire them and give then certain know how on how the system where they will be placed works will help a lot. the result will be of both problem of the goverment 'the corruption' and the 'vigillant ralliest'. the concept was hire them pay them, spend some some million for billion. give work to those provoker and some to their parties and at the same time secure the money of our country.

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