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Nov 29th
RE: Is there really a point in the grand PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 25 October 2009 06:05
RE: Is there really a point in the grand celebration considering the effects of Catholicism in the Philippines? -- Max Fabella With due respect to you, Manong Max, here are the reasons for my advocating since 1994 the participation of Filipinos and Overseas Filipinos in the coming 500th anniversary of the Spanish expedition, as commanded by Fernando de Magallanes: 1.0 Even stripped of religious reasons, i.e., Catholicism, that resulted into the conversion of majority of Filipinos to the Catholic faith, the 1521 expedition is the historical event of this 21st century. The expedition named the Pacific Ocean, the Rio de Janeiro Bay in Brazil, the Magellanic Cloud (in astronomy) and the Magellan Strait (between Argentina and Chile). 2.0 From the viewpoints of tourism, the Philippines should be able to take advantage of the three-year period -- from 2019 to 2021 -- as the voyage started in Seville, Spain, in September 1519, and the fact that Magellan died in Cebu. With the proper promotions, millions of tourists from the Hispanic World and Europe (as Magellan's crew came from 18 countries, mostly found in Europe), after all, one-sixth of the world is Latino. This will be the opportune time to promote the Philippines as "the only Hispanic archipelago in Asia." 2.1 The 500th anniversary can result into a major boost for the Philippine economy -- from building replicas of the galleons used by Magellan in a revived Spanish shipyard in Magallanes, Sorsogon, to the retrofitting and restoration of Spanish-built churches in the Philippines, all of which may be done with the assistance of Spanish grants and the support of corporate sponsors. 2.2 The three-year celebration requires lots of memorabilia and souvenir products -- from coffee mugs to banners and medals, commemorative coins, etc., and etc. -- that can be produced by cottage-industry entrepreneurs. 3.0 The anniversary can be used to highlight the progress of the Filipino people for the past 500 years and rekindle the efforts of some national heroes of the Philippines like my grandfather-in-law, Don Belong de los Reyes, in reforming the Catholic Church of the Philippines. 3.1 The anniversary can be the best period in time to make the Filipinos look good, feel good, proud of their multiethnic heritage and prouder of their positive contributions to the world economy and international law and order. 4.0 It will afford young Filipinos and Overseas-Filipino scions (including the ABER and the EBER Filipinos) to rediscover the world by manning the galleon replicas that will sail back to Seville and "complete" the voyage that Magellan failed to accomplish. This will also be the achievement of a lifetime for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to join the anniversary and build in them a real sense of Filipino history and the knowledge of the positive contributions of several countries in the making of the Filipino heritage. I rest my case . . . Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Prime Mover,

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