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Sep 28th
RE: Your Concerns about Sorsogon and her PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby Reyes   
Thursday, 10 December 2009 09:08
RE: Your Concerns about Sorsogon and her People Dear Primo Joesan: 1.0 Salamatonon for returning my call. And I do appreciate your concern that many Sorsoganons, especially the youth, do not know me. But you agreed that among the elders, I am at least known as the eldest son of Bulusan native Atty. Domen Sesbreno Reyes and Justina Llamas Mercado of Danao, Bulan, a brother of former Sorsogon City Councilor Sylvia Reyes-Lao and current candidate for the Provincial Board, Carlos M. Reyes of the UNIDO (Laurel Wing of the NP). And a brother-in-law to at least nine clans in Barcelona, Donsol, Irosin, Magallanes, Matnog and Santa Magdalena. And I have blood relatives in Bulan, Bulusan, Sorsogon City, Donsol, Pilar, Prieto Diaz, Irosin and Juban. 1.1 You agreed also that many people would remember me for starting the public protest against then Bishop Jesus Varela when he desecrated the Sorsogon Cathedral in the mid-1990s. I was the first to protest publicly the turning of our "Father's house into a marketplace." My unprecedented act then against Bishop Varela would highlight the fact that I am beholden to no man, no politician and even the men of the cloth. 1.1.1 As I told you also, I have met three times with new Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD, and I have made peace with my home diocese. It helped of course that I am an SVD alumnus, aside from finishing my collegiate studies with the Benedictines and law with the Jesuits. 2.0 RE: Absence. 2.1 As I told you during our long conversation last night, it would simply take a superb marketing and public-relations efforts in 60 days (the official campaign period from March 11, 2009, to May 9, 2009) to make an overwhelming majority of Sorsoganons become aware of my socioeconomic platforms and programs of government. 2.2 My PR handlers and political advisers think that presenting me as a long-lost Lolo (grandfather) who is coming back with offers of complete socioeconomic development and political reforms will be welcomed more-than a prodigal son -- if the people can see the human-and-financial resources that my leadership can bring to the province. And our campaign will be highlighting the meaning of LOLO: Law and Order, Less government and Opportunities equally to all. 3.0 Covenant with the People. 3.1 I have told many Overseas Sorsoganons, especially in Southern California, that my campaign will make local elections in our home province radically different from exercises of suffrage in the past. My candidacy will elevate public debates of issues to a higher level and energize the people, especially the youth, and empower them to achieve in 11 years complete political and economic independence. 3.2 As announced, I will dare my opponents to sign me with a Covenant with the People and sign it with our own blood and guarantee the following (among other statements): 3.2.1 Complete eradication of graft and corruption by publishing online all financial transactions of the provincial government and making available on the Internet copies of all provincial vouchers and checks signed by the provincial treasurer and the governor or his representative. Other "honesty" safeguards will be published in online and print magazines. 3.2.2 Finishing the long-delayed provincial roads between Bulusan and Santa Magdalena, between Bulan and Magallanes, between Bacon and Prieto Diaz, and my pet project of a new road between Gabao (Irosin) to the Bulan barrios of Jamorawon and Polot (now San Francisco, the site of the proposed international airport) in two years (meaning, on or before July 1, 2012) or else the governor will resign. 3.2.3 Pledging that the governor will not run for re-election if he or she will not be able to lead the people and the provincial government in: A.) Planting three million seedlings and saplings -- from July 1, 2010, to May 1, 2013. And declaring Sorsogon as the first "organic province" in the Philippines and accomplishing it in one year by constructing also the first of several sewage-treatment plants and inaugurating it on or before July 1, 2012. B.) Starting the construction of the railroad extension to Matnog, Sorsogon, with additional commuter tracks to the proposed international airport in Bulan, and inaugurating at least 10 kilometers of operational tracks by May 1, 2013. 3.2.4 There are other written socioeconomic and governmental target, goals and programs that the proposed Covenant with the People will contain. All of these will be discussed in articles to be published in the and I end this "love letter" to you, Primo Joesan, and other Sorsoganons by reiterating the obvious that the people of Sorsogon will have everything to gain by electing me as their next governor for they have nothing more to lose. They have tried many politicians as governor and almost all of them failed to deliver what is expected to behave as a "good father of the Sorsoganon family." God willing, you and I and our generation will still see in our lifetime the Sorsogon of old, as we saw them in the 1950s and 1960s, which I described in this article, The Filipino (and Sorsoganon) "Silent Springs" (With Apologies to Rachel Carson) URL: I, therefore, most respectfully urge you and the recipients of this e-mail, especially our fellow Overseas Sorsoganons to consider joining our Coalition for a Better Sorsogon (CBS). There is nothing really impossible in life and in Sorsogon if we put all our hearts, minds and determination in going back and giving our people an opportunity to change their lives for the better. And lastly, I am inviting you, your other officers and members of the Sorsogon Crusade for Good Government (Sorsogon Cruxada) and the recipients of this e-mail to witness the signing of the Covenant with the People of Sorsogon on March 17, 2010, in Sorsogon City. All witnesses will also be asked to donate blood to the Sorsogon Provincial Hospital and part of the donated blood will be mixed in a small bowl, as we will use the blood as ink in signing the said Covenant. This simple token will dramatize our willingness to shed blood, if needed, for our ReVOTElution for the Youth and Elders of Sorsogon. Salamatonon uli for your understanding and concern for our home province and homeland, Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes BCC: Sorsogon E-mail lists Members and Supporters, Coalition for a Better Sorsogon (CBS)

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