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Sep 30th
regarding medtech program of FEU PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 15 July 2010 14:42
Med Tech program of FEU is ranked 1st in metro manila followed by UST as per resord of PRC from 2004-2007. Med tech is the best pre-med course if you want to take up Medicine. The latest result of Med Tech board exam were SLU got 100%,FEU 97%,UST 83%...
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1 Thursday, 06 January 2011 09:12
what we were told is that slu has a good screening program among graduates who will take the board. they say that only students who passed the mock boards are given their transcript so they can apply for the board examination. i do thikn that such program is not a good determinant of how good a school is but it is for a review center. if a student graduates, he should be well equipped with knowledge not only for the board but for practice. feu graduates are not even required to attend board review classes, moreso to pass the mock boards. they were prepared for the boards while they were still in school attending hours of lectures and performing lab experiments, before they receive their diploma. thats how students are to be educated, di ba.

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