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Nov 27th
Repulsiveness to eating cat meat is apparently a cultural mindset PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 20 September 2010 10:39
Repulsiveness to eating cat meat is apparently a cultural mindset. World wide, peoples alll over the world actual have all sort s of delicacies involving meat from the rodent family. Forgot which countries serve what dishes but there are specialties in dishes serving guinea pigs, squirrels and event the biggest rodent of the rodent family that grows up to two feet high (again forgot the name of the big rodent mostly found in the US. Here in RP there's a season in the rice farming areas of central luzon when they have a feast from field rats. Those who have eaten this say that its practically not so far differnet from the meat of iguanas that is very near the texture and tast of chicken. My friend's father, the Chinese doctor says cat meat has the texture of heart tissue and has the color similar to chicken. I guess my father who taught us not to be picky with food gave an open mind to accepting people's diferent taste for different foods that include all varieties of meats... off course not of the poisonous stuff as the puff fish. Some Filipino eat puff fish and was informed by one of my workers in the past that there's a way of cleaning and cooking of puff fish so as not to be poisonous. Lotsa drinking buddies in the past like to eat dog, That one I find repulsive so I never eat dog meat though at one time I was fooled to eating a bit and seems to taste no different from pork or beef when cooked as calderetta. I found it strange that the bones were small that I asked my drinking buddy then if the pulutan really is pork and he confessed the truth and I stopped eating the stuff. In Tondo, there's a place where I used to visit some friends and there, there are no cats and no rats. I was told that the shitheads around the area ate them all as pulutan. Nobody died of food poisoning just OD. Kit
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