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Sep 29th
Home Columns Reinventing the Philippines review of f Sionil Jose's SHERDS
review of f Sionil Jose's SHERDS PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 13 July 2012 07:46
Those familiar with the novel f sionil jose will enjoy this one. Especially the 5 volume ROSALES novels which can be looked upon as Phil history in fiction. It deals with the Ilocano migration to other area, and up to the Huk movement, with the two brother protagonists. The other novels are BEN SINGKOL, AND SHERDS is the latest one. Jose writes about Phil history in fiction form and therefore more memorable. He hasd written essays, and short stories. One of my favorite short stories, is TONG, He wrote about the martial law years, post war years, bout the Samson a rich fmly. He is rare among the writers, for he is also a publisher businessman. Solidaridad bookstore, is visited by students and professionals. It took me 3 jeepney rides before I got there. One way of looking at SHERD, is a betrrayal novel. About a bright young assistant, who stole from the hero and join the radicals in the mountain, As a pretty, radical young lady, he stole from his employer, which is considered betrayal. The obvious queston is why> She was a trusted employee and friend, who had access to his professor/employer. But motives are never simple, reading it helps. Another novel is ERMITA, WHICH IS ABOUT A PROSTITUTE AND BETRAYAL. i SUGGEST A READING OF HIS 7 NOVELS, TWO ARE PUBLISHED BY AMERICAN PUBLISHED. i WOULD LIKE HIM TO HER A NOBEL PRIZE. FOR HE SURELY DESERVES IT. orange park, floridal. elusive for Mabuhay Radio

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