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Mar 31st
Romy Is Still Far from Being 70 PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 22 December 2010 14:11
Blue Star Wrote: "These guys, who are in their 70s like us, are just acting their age . . ." Hi Blue Star, I believe you're referring to yourself and Manong Fairy, who I think is 75++. I'm far from being 70 and enjoying it. I'm not fat, I don't have a beer belly, I have a full salt & pepper hair, I'm lean and muscular at six feet. I think Manong Fairy is the opposite; from his looks, he's probably 4 ft.11 1/2 inches tall, that's 4'11.5. He's got an enormous belly and a permanent hat on his head. Old people like him would not be able to stand the cold. In Toronto now, it's cold (- 4C) and the temperature could go even lower. Man, how I love it! Manong Fairy who obviously doesn't possess a legal mind, or at its very basic an analytical mind, insists that I was deported. I already explained. When a person is deported, it is always to his home country. Had I been deported, it would be to the Philippines. (I would explain this concept in another email). And if I had to choose being close to San Diego, I would have gone to Mexico, which is 30 minutes away from where I lived, and practise my Spanish and be in the company of beautiful senoritas (and I don't mean the kind that Manong Fairy sometimes transforms into, okay ba? ). Thanks and best regards, Romy Marquez

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