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Jan 20th
Shame on Lariosa and shame on Maybuhay R PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 19 March 2010 20:43
Shame on Lariosa and shame on Maybuhay Radio for presenting sensational gossip as news and adding pain to Dr. Agustin's family, friends and clients. This article is full of half truths which misrepresent Dr. Leo Dennis Agustin and slander his memory. How can any responsible journalist present three causes of death as facts stating that Ecstasy was the first and in the same article state that the autopsy report has not yet been evaluated by the police detectives who have indeed been questioning people who were at the scene? I don't know who this reporter's sources are, but did it not even occur to the reporter that the so-called witnesses in fact are directly related to the causes of death? Many people indulge in vices on the weekend, and have heart disease, but Dr. Agustin was the victim of a violent crime. Three people knew Dr. Agustin was badly beaten and watched a man with multiple injuries die, but Lariosa focuses on the victim's use of a popular club drug. This article is a perfect example of convicting a victim and distorting and releasing information which may be important for the conviction of the person(s) actually responsible for both is injuries and his death.

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