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Jun 26th
Subj: Philippines my Philippines From PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 19 October 2009 05:26
Subj: Philippines my Philippines From: pmsian To: Jesse Jose Your lines were E-mailed to me by a friend, Regrettably most of them are true! I find it hard to help those who don't want help themselves. We used to go on Medical Missions, paid our way, save our samples saved donations paid local personnel yet much of our stuff had disappearing habits. 'Mayaman naman ang mga Doktor sa America. Uncontrolled population is the root and perpertuation of poverty.This is magnified by widespead ignorance.With a total land area of 30M Hectares people by 90M that's 3 persons per hectare including jungles and swamps. People have wry pride of saying we teach them how to plant rice, now we buy from them. Rice is imported by the million tons, yet there are plans to plant 700,000 hectares of Jatropha as a source of biodiesel.Seems like ignorance at all levels. I wonder if you are aware of . the numbers 35 and 122..T he first number means only 34 countries are richcher than the Phils. Whoa! Thanks to the new Heroes, OFW, remits over a Billion $ a month, does not seem to trickle down to the masses . That's more than twice the total yearly export of copra our largest export. Just one gold mine exptracts 14Million ounces a year, where are the others. Now the other number 122 That is the Filipino ranking on his per capita income Worldwide! There are a lot more observations Like most of the masses are in a life of Fantasy Electing an actor for a Gov't official is still a fantasy.Most listeners are all ears to a caucasian speaker with a 5th bgrade Education(Or no choice for coffee except 1-2-3- San Mig or Nestle Instant! Getting Real lemons from Florida, no kalamansi. Steak is till in rigor mortis, always marinated and always well done.. Highways are" water soluble".Projects here are padded first then the job is done,then he keeps the pad.In there, Projects are padded, job is not done, pad and kurakot nis gone

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