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Feb 07th
The 54th Infantry Was to Have Joined the Invasion of Japan PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:49
Dear Manong Fred and Dr. Nelson: According to my Dad (now deceased), he (an ROTC graduate) and his fellow soldiers and guerillas belonging to the 54th Infantry in the Province of Sorsogon -- under the command of Major Licerio Lapuz -- were integrated with the U.S. Sixth Army sometime in March 1945. His unit was integrated as it was being trained already for the invasion of Mainland Japan. My father's brother, Dr. Jose S. Reyes, was then the acting Executive Secretary of President Sergio Osmena, and he told him (my Dad) that Gen. Douglas MacArthur told Don Sergio that he needed at least 200,000 to 1.0-million Filipino soldiers for the invasion of Japan. My father and his infantry unit were to be part of the US invasion force. My father married my mother in June 1945 and I was conceived sometime in August 1945. Had the A-bombs not been dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, it was very probable that my father would have died in the invasion of Japan, as he was one brave soldier who took many risky assignments for his infantry unit. He headed also the unit's "Liquidation Squad." Then I would not have seen my Dad, as I born only on May 1, 1946. You can read part of my Dad's WWII exploits in this article, My Father Was the Birdman and Butcher of Bulusan during the War and a Don Quixote Later in Life URL: So in short, the dropping of the A-bombs "saved" the lives and the limbs of tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of Filipino soldiers. General MacArthur told Don Sergio in the presence of my uncle, Dr. Reyes, that he (Douglas) expected more-than a million casualties (dead and wounded) in the invasion of Mainland Japan. FYI. Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes Editor In a message dated 8/15/2010 2:49:47 P.M. Pacific Daylight Time, writes: bcc to some history buffs... xxxxx Speculations appear to be part of studying history on why things happened. For instance, although I am merely a student of history, I speculated that the new Philippine Scouts were planned to be used in the invasion of Japan. I based this on some line in a U.S. Army book that said "... the end of the war came before the Philippines (and the Filipinos) could fulfill the roles planned for them in Japan's inevitable defeat..." But then I was not aware that the Philippine Scouts were inducted AFTER Japan surrendered. So my speculation shifted to the question of why the Philippine Scouts were organized even if Japan already surrendered. If they were organized to help in the clean up why were they sent home and never set foot in Japan? This bred another speculation: Were the Scouts recruited because an original plan BEFORE the Japanese surrender was already put into motion and a decision was made to continue the recruitment because of uncertainty that things may still go wrong since the Japanese are notoriously fanatical combatants? Speculations... This makes history less boring... Fred Natividad Livonia, Michigan =Say nanlapuan lingawen pian antay arapen. =Alamin ang pinang-galingan upang malaman ang paro-roonan. =Know where we had been to guide us where we are going. --- On Sun, 8/15/10, NELSON A PAGUYO wrote: From what I learned in HS history Japan continued to fight even after 67 cities in Japan were bombed; and ignored the Potsdam Ultimatum outlining the terms of surrender. Hiroshima was selected because of the large military complex in the city. The reason for Truman’s decision was to save lives. Had the bombing of Japan continued and the land invasion of Japan occurred; estimates of over 100,000–2,000,000 soldiers [excluding civilian casualties] would have been killed; and an economically and infrastructural devastated Japan. Of course people later questioned the decisions made/facts and attributed the A–B use for other reasons – which are historical speculations. Nelson

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