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Aug 13th
The parable is oversimplisitic because i PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 18 September 2009 09:03
The parable is oversimplisitic because it did not mention the fact that without the grasshopper's hopping and leaf-shaking efforts, the plants' pollinatng and fruit-bearing activities would have not occurred, without which, the ant would have no food to load and hoard. Of course, the ant epitomizes the Republicans' proclivity to hoard. I think, however, that the modern ant does not anymore do the hoarding and warehousing tasks himself. The wealthy ant, who is now a Halliburton capitalist/contractor or vendor , only takes advantage of the cheap labor of a colony of friendly termites from the border Meanwhile, the grasshoper, like the friendly termite and the no-clumsy spider demonstrates the democrats' traditional ' naivete and utter lack of economics sense.

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