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Oct 23rd
The US of A's Data-Gathering Apparatus PDF Print E-mail
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Saturday, 01 May 2010 11:59
The US of A's Data-Gathering Apparatus in RP and Other Foreign Countries Dear Dr. Eddie: Believe you me, the US of A collects dossiers -- good or bad, anti-US, pro-US, pro or con -- about foreign leaders (and even their women or men -- if the male leader is gay). During the Marcos administration, Dovie Beams was said to be a CIA mole. Having dossiers on foreign leaders like Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers, et al, is a must in planning special operations or even PR campaigns. So, we should not be surprised if the US State Department knows even the medicines being prescribed to Filipino presidential candidates, especially Noynoy Aquino. If -- for instance -- Dick Gordon takes Simvastatin pills for his high-cholesterol level, the US knows about it. Uncle Sam should also know the deposits in US banks of foreign leaders and their investments in Wall Street, etc. You will be surprised what the US of A is doing in the Philippines and in the Third World. There are reports that the "Hello, Garci" tapes were actually recorded by the Yanks, who have the capacity to monitor and record nearly all cell-phone conversations in the entire world. This is why the terrorists now only use in many countries and eyes and ears on the ground and in space through their networks of satellites and listening devices. But you are right that the US can do both information and disinformation drives in many countries. As we used to joke, diplomats are honest people who are sent abroad to lie for their country. And if there is a "Foreign Information Officer" in many embassies and consulates, there is also the "Foreign Disinformation Officer" working with him or her. FYI, Mabuhay, Lolo Bobby M. Reyes

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This is a comment on "Does the U.S. State Department Have Dossier on Noynoy Aquino’s Alleged Mental Illness?"

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