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Mar 30th
These could have been our reaction as fi PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 12 October 2009 13:32
These could have been our reaction as first-time returnees 12 years after our coming to the US. We saw the poverty, the changes, the traffic, etc, etc, etc. Our main purpose for going back for the visit was my Dad's stroke and getting the children acquianted with their cousins. Oscar's pediatician oldest sister was terrified when she found out that Oscar had taken all four children by himself to try out the local "El" from Malabon (?) to Pasay... got somebody to drive her to my parents' home in Wackwack and held on to her rosary until they got home 8 hours after she called for Oscar ! Hee, hee... did she EVER scold him ! Kidnapping, pickpocketing. etc lectures followed. We were taken to most of the sights, in and around Manila and enjoyed all of them. not caring much about anything else but family. Of course this was in 1974 and I agree that the situation is worse now. My children have attended 3 or 4 Fernandez family reunions, gone to Palawan, etc etc. daughters in law experienced the firecracker and sparkler filled smokey streets during New Year;s Eve... all family participation activities, balut introduction included (that failed BIG) but linasing na hipon, head and all, was enjoyed tremendously! A lot of the other guys visiting me at the house during the ligaw period ( they got to know one another at my house in the presence of the WHOLE family) came over and took Oscar and me out to dinner. Hee,hee... that was fun! (for me) Wonderful memories of our first return visit in 1974. Did this guy meet with his family and old friends?

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