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Oct 04th
These songs will bring back nostagic mem PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 16 November 2009 16:19
These songs will bring back nostagic memories of our times. a Ruben Tagalog rendition of Ang Dalagang Pilipina. com/watch? v=QCgWo9B4- 4I&feature=related I wish some enterprising music studio will put together a collection of Filipino kundimans that is packaged for a global market. Who knows? It might appeal not only to nostalgic Pinoys but to an international market as well. This is a keeper. Akoy Ibong Sawi J Buencamino com/watch? v=-8tdimDyk0c&feature=related Anak Dalita by arrigo Pola com/watch? v=t5sfkETIGFQ&feature=related com/watch? v=k19rDndamuM&feature=fvw with Philippine scenes Ang Tangi Kong Pagibig Carmen Rosales com/watch? v=aqEOtHeQYq8&feature=related Bituing Marikit com/watch? v=PrBQs6GF7mE&feature=related Dahil Sa Iyo Nat King Cole com/watch? v=gsFAMitNj2c&feature=related by Lettermen com/watch? v=GNjbQEkTNmI&feature=related Karinyosa Pilita corrales com/watch? v=aqEOtHeQYq8&feature=related Madaling Araw Sylvia La Torre com/watch? v=hCzECZ2eL4g&feature=related Mutya ng Pasig com/watch? v=wF6-i-ROnXU&feature=related Mutya ng Pasig Conching Rosal with Philippine scenes com/watch? v=tkL8TW13qFE&feature=related mutya ng Pasig Ingrid capriccio Nasaan Ka irog Nicano Abelardo com/watch? v=hCzECZ2eL4g&feature=related Pakiusap com/watch? v=Xu6P-hq63Bk&feature=related Sa Kabukiran com/watch? v=cNJnRaV9rn4 Happy songs: Alitaptap com/watch? v=CCKvVZDV8B4&feature=related Bakya mo neneng Mabuhay Singers com/watch? v=J-8_pdOjMsk&feature=related Filipino Kundimans Carinosa Mabuhay Singers com/watch? v=CRbBfqTGxlU&feature=related Etcetera etcetera Sylvia La torre com/watch? v=ZxptzRW7w- o Katakataka mabuhay Singers com/watch? v=_CQa-DTZ4nU&feature=related Pipit Pilita Corrales com/watch? v=NS4Az4YXAs8&feature=related Mabuhay Singers com/watch? v=vZRTyqK- B94&feature=related Sarung Banggi com/watch? v=J-8_pdOjMsk&feature=related Nora Aunor sings com/watch? v=8n7lzD3jWIQ&feature=related Rogelio de la Rosa com/watch? v=Oj8haa5prbc&feature=related Sa Libis Ng Nayon com/watch? v=J-8_pdOjMsk&feature=related Sinisinta Kita Mabuhay Singers com/watch? v=NdrBUUfZKxI&feature=related Waray Waray Eartha Kitt com/watch? v=wlHneF- 6ogs&feature=related

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