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Jan 28th
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Saturday, 31 October 2009 07:50
THIS COUNTRY NEEDS A LEADER WHO is a PERSON OF INTEGRITY, HUMILITY, CONSISTENCY, who is HONEST IN HIS DEALINGS, WHO condemns CORRUPTION and DOES NOT cheat on his tax obligations, who knows how to pray and talk to God, who consistently lives a modest life... Well, i am talking of Noynoy. I believe that Noynoy being the son of Ninoy & Cory is something we can rely on - for we are assured that he will preserve his parents' legacy, the name which others do not have. We believe in Noynoy and his ability to continue his parents advocacies. Noynoy was raised by good parents whose advocacies will echo in eternity. I am really overwhelmed how Tita Cory reared up her children to be good citizens. (Kris may have some failures in her personal life but she a good citizen; she pays her tax liabilities. I like her most because she is very transparent. Even if it hurt her image, she confessed the truth). Is Noynoy qualified then to run for president? I and my kins and millions of ordinary people believe so. In my family we never doubted that Noynoy has God's blessing. We believe also that it is not because of his being the son of Ninoy & Cory that qualifies him to seek the presidency. We strongly believe that Noynoy is called by God himself because we have been praying to God to stop this corruption, to send someone to redirect the Filipino people in governing their own affairs. Everyone is called by God for some kind of mission. LEADERS ARE NEITHER BORN OR MADE, LEADERS ARE SUMMONED. THEY ARE CALLED INTO EXISTENCE By CIRCUMSTANCES. So don't be too technical about political affiliation and political platform. It can always be revised/modified. Ang importante, ang taong hahawak ng kapangyarihan ng isang presidente ay hindi abusado, may takot sa Diyos, may pagmamahal sa kapwa, isang taong takot gumawa ng mali, ng masama. IF GOD WOULD GIVE US THAT KIND OF PRESIDENT DI BA KAYO MATUTUWA? WE are living in a DEMOCRATIC UNIVERSE and our GOD is a democratic GOD. But surely he will raise a leader from our midst if we only listen to Him. GOD does not have to consult us or tell us His plans. HE can surely call a person to lead even if you dislike the person. WHAT WILL MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT is not a great product or great leader, but great culture in which people are empowered in creative goodness, innovative beauty, and unyielding truth. There are comments I read technically questioning Noynoy's vision, his platform of government. Leadership as "vision" has another way of talking about exercising dominance and pushing other people around with your ideas, of achieving aLpha status and stats. Vision casting is most often nothing more than "strategic planning" board games (or platform). Investing more in the vision thing is not a good deal because it is not a good ideal. Leadership has more to do with the ears than with the eyes. thus, what matters most is not the clarity of the eyes but the clarity of the heart and the clearness of the ear. Thus, when Noynoy responded to the call, he is actually prepared. And that made him not only a qualified leader but to be a good leader. His ability to listen - that is wisdom -, and the clarity of his heart will surely make him a good leader.

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