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Jun 30th
This is quite a revelation... It is impe PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 June 2009 06:22
This is quite a revelation... It is imperative for those in the know that facts and information (true and factual) about ALL candidates to any office, especially for the presidency must be disclosed ASAP... This is quite a "shock" for me who live not in Sorsogon NOR in the Philippines but still interested in my birthplace, the forsaken Perlas ng Silanganan! To SENATOR ESCUDERO, ANO PO ANG RESPONSE OR FEEDBACK NINYO DITO SA ARTICLE NI GINOONG HARVEY KEY, who appears to have a true love for his country... He is known to us in cyberspace that he walks the talk.. He is known not only by what he says, but more so by what he does? Kayo po ay matalinong senator, very young and ambitious, pero if this article is substantially true, medyo parang trapo rin ang dating ninyo in my humble opinion... I still believe that we are known by our own "fruits"... What have you done since you became a public official that we can be proud of as Filipinos? From what I read, I am very proud to know and hopefully to meet leaders like Mayor Robredo and Gov. Padaca... Those are my kind of leaders worthy of emulation... Kahit lumpo, Gov. Padaca is a saving GRACE to our Filipino nation! Thank you for reading my spontaneous reaction to Mr. Keh's article. Gumagalang, Ernie Delfin aservantleaderinamerika

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