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Jun 26th
To All, First and foremost, "somebod PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 26 October 2009 18:37
To All, First and foremost, "somebody at the top" ordered them to hold those goods so they could go thru them first and take whatever they want (especially the US goods and the ones from Europe. Never mind the ones from Asia). Paghati-hatian yan among families and cronies. Whatever is left, mga tira-tira ika nga, will then be repacked and distributed to "some lucky ones". This happened during the Mt. Pinatubo crises. Imported blankets and sheets and other stuff went to the Governors (and cronies). The poor people ended up with all local stuff. Talagang kawawa and masang Pilipino. None of the current and past Government officials should be allowed to run for office anymore BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL THE SAME. We are better off giving our donations to our relatives and friends - for distribution. If they decide to pocket the money, at least you know your money went to your friends and relatives - NOT TO THE CORRUPT POLITICIANS. It makes me sick just thinking about those SHARKS!!! SPREAD THE WORD. SEND DONATIONS TO YOUR FRIENDS AND RELATIVES - NOT TO ANY GOVERNMENT AGENCY. This is my take - take it to the bank. Ting

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