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Sep 28th
top med school and pre-med course PDF Print E-mail
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Thursday, 06 January 2011 08:20
the best med schools are up, ust, feu-nrmf and uermmmc. these schools have produced the best and the finest filipino doctors practicing here and abroad. let us not forget that a school can only be as good as its students, graduates and teachers. no matter how high the board rating is, if the graduates dont render the services that are required of them then the school where they came from must not be good. i believe that if you are from one of these schools, you are assured of having a good mentoring which is the advantage of graduating from a established medical school with a university hospital. for pre-med, i believe the two best courses would be med tech and pt. for med tech, no school has matched the record of feu-nrmf, it has been since its establishment and still is the best. although, ust has been trying to catch up (check your data because ust's record years ago is far from being satisfactory as it is almost now), feu still has the record.moreover, l dont thik ust has been recognized as a center of excellence in med tech education like feu. for PT, ust has the record, although feu was recognnized years ago as a center of excellence, ust is still better in pt. Pt students do very well in first year med while med techs in the 2nd year. the both get to enjoy a glorious year in med school.

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