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Sep 29th
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Thursday, 10 March 2011 05:57
This is Tenny's letter, also on March 9: Dear Inday, This is to clear up the confusion regarding the PPCO's donation to the NUJP thru Mr.Rommel Rebollido of the PNA some two years ago. To set the record straight and I would like to address this to the NUJP leadeship,that our donation was never coursed thru Ms.Inday Varona but to Mr.Rebollido.. Mr.Joseph Lariosa's story on the donation was accurate. Its true that I mentioned Ms.Varona name but only to give credit to her as an NUJP official. (**note -- That wasn't what the article said. The article said the funds were coursed through Mr. Rebolido and Inday Varona) Here are the facts: Our PPCO representative,Mr.Ricardo Caluen travelled to the Philippines bringing with him the PPCO funds of $750 with instructions of contacting Ms.Varona to be given to the NUJP. According to him, he was instructed by Ms.Varona to get in touch with Mr.Rebollido for the donation.Mr.Caluen emailed me that he will get in touch with Mr.Rebollido since he is a good friend . (**Not true. See subsequent emails) Apparently, Mr.Caluen and Rebollido never got the chance to meet and instead, Mr.Caluen remitted the money via Llhulier addressed to Rommel Rebollido Philippione News Agency (PNA). Mr.Caluen said the money was received and acknowledged and would be used "for the children of the journalists victims " and also to fund some "camping acitivities for the children ". From the outset, my instructions were to contact Ms.Varona or failing to do this, somebody at the hierarchy of the NUJP . We would be very much interested if we could clear up these things if only to preserve the good name and integrity of the NUJP as an organization and of course that of Ms.Inday Varona . Further,if there are other assistance you require to clear up these things, pleaase don't hesiate to get in touch with me. I have also asked Mr.Ricardo Caluen to be ready to provide additional info or details to bring closure this confusion. Maraming salamat and best regards, tenny f.soriano past president-Phil.Press Club of Ontario (canada) ** My reply: Thank you, Tenny. I still do not recall telling Mr. Calluen to get in touch with Rommel. Every other person who has approached me to help NUJP or media victims has always been referred to whoever sits as Treasurer or sec gen. But thank you anyway.

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