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Oct 01st
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Thursday, 10 March 2011 06:07
The following email messages, unless otherwise noted, were exchanged also on March 9. Fron Tenny Soriano Hi Inday, Here;s a copy of Ricky's e-mail to me about the donation. By the way, I CCd Joseph in my letter to the NUJP and you but just thesame I will also email him to clear up the issue . If you have any questions, pls.d so as I copied Ricky so he can also be in the loop. Para malwanagan natin ang lahat lahat abnd then maybe we could trace where the donations went. salamat muli, tenny ** --- On Wed, 3/9/11, Ricardo Caluen wrote: To: "Tenny Soriano" am beginning to see Inday's concern...and the culprit is you :))) looks like in the information you provided to Joseph Lariosa you kept on mentioning Inday Varona's name as if she was indeed involved when we remitted the donation to Rommel Rebollido when in fact she wasn't involved at all...hahahaha.... and it looks like (as can be gleaned from my own email inference) that Inday Varona herself has suggested that we send the donation to Rommel Rebollido (possibly because she was no longer an officer or something). But please take note that I coursed the donation to Rommel in his capacity as head of Mindanao PNA... anyway, i can no longer seem to dig up my Facebook message to Rommel where I gave him the reference number to claim our donation remitted via M Lhuillier. what I do recall from what I wrote there is that I requested a copy of any write up those in Mindanao might have regarding our donation. I also recall suggesting that since our donation was not much (P32,000) for them to choose maybe around 6 beneficiaries only para naman meron silang at least tig P5,000. I think what Inday wants is a disclaimer that she was never a party to receiving the donation...something that had been implied by your initial suggestion and statements. (He also attached an earlier email to Tenny) Date: Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 10:24 AM Hi, Tenny. Am back. Poorer..but definitely invigorated. And I had to face a "chilly" reception upon my arrival---the wintry blast. Re our donation....I was able to send the equivalent of C$750---P32,000--to Rommel Rebollido, Mindanao PNA head, as per Inday Varona's recommendation. I had to chip in a little bit...para saradong P32 another P1,000 for the remittance fee. Pero OK lang. Just wondering when the $250 would be deposited in my account. Been checking my acct and I don't seem to see this. Just to refresh your memory and our Treasurer's: $100 from PPCO (on top of $502 raised that night) plus $150 from Rollie Cabrera. As my funds are depleted (understandably!), would appreciate if the deposit would be made...or the cheques mailed to me soonest. Thanks. Ricky ** JUST TO CLARIFY The inference is not clear at all. I would not have encouraged giving funds to Rommel Rebolido as 1) he was/is not the NUJP treasurer 2) was/is not the administrator of the NUJP scholarship fund. I have always referred all queries re donation/aid to victims of media violence and their heirs to either May Rodriguez (then treasurer) and Weng Carranza Paraan (former treasurer and head of the NUJP Media Safety Office and now secretary-general) ** The last exchanges: Hi Inday, I already sent an e-mail as you instructed.From the e-mails of Weng Paraan and others, it would seem that our donation did not reach the NUJP. Is that correct? If that is so, its unfortunate but maybe it got lost somewhere in the flurry of other donations streaming during that time.I hope they find it because, I will have to expliain it to our membership . Sana naman makita at mabigyan ng liwanag. Kasi nagplaplano pa kaming magpadala kahit mga libro/ school supplies or clothes for the children of our fallen colleagues. I also asked Ricky Caluen to be prepared to give details or other added info to clear up the matter. Nakakahiya naman sa iyo, nadamay ka pa. Please get in touch. Maraming salamat ulit, ** inday espina-varona to tennys, Ramon, Weng, Nestor, nonoy, NUJP, May, inday_nujp, RCALUEN Dear Tenny Not a single centavor was coursed through the NUJP. I am sorry, but it's hard for us to accept money "getting lost somewhere in the flurry of other donations..." because we have NEVER lost money yet, whether for NUJP or any other person....." I am cc'ing the NUJP directors because they deserve to have full disclosure.... I am certain you will understand why I am upset. Thank you Just to close... I apologize, Joseph for hogging several boxes. But donations for victims are a very serious matter and I feel that full and open disclosure is best for everyone. I thank you for the space, Mon Datol for the swift action, Tenny for helping track down the problem. I hope that Mr. Calauen and his group clarify among themselves and their donor friends where the money went. While I understand that he may have been pressed for time during his visit, any group or individual that undertakes to carry a donation for a person or persons in need also has the responsibility to get proof that the money, indeed, has reached the right beneficiary. Unfortunately, in this case, it did not happen. The NUJP will soon issue a statement on the matter for closure of the issue. Again, Thank you.

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