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Jan 26th
Very good arguments indeed. But here in PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 12 February 2010 07:58
Very good arguments indeed. But here in this rebutal of the facts that the price of the land along the way of the C5 could be different from the land that is within the same area or location, which considered developed or to be developed. The article omitted that the areas concerned according to the CARP must be declared as to serve the purpose of being a farm land, a housing land and so on and so forth. Can the gray area of such rebutal be corrected? As we are searching the real story and the real motive of the C5 controversy, we want to know the reality. To conlude, then it could not be denied that such project benefited the price of the property of Manny Villar and not the other properties? Tony Villan
This is a comment on "Five Points that Solita Monsod Fails to Discuss in Her “C-5” Article Critical of Manny Villar"

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