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Mar 31st
Very interesting. I'm Italian myself wi PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 12 May 2009 21:24
Very interesting. I'm Italian myself with a number of Filipino friends, and I notice the similarities between the two groups. Beauty contests, pictures and statues of the Virgin Mary and the saints all over the house (or the yard or the store, for that matter), big family gatherings, importance of godparents, etcetera. I was recently at a mall in Toronto, Canada, where I live, and there were a number of people of Filipino descent as well as some Iranians and other people of Middle Eastern descent there. It struck me as somewhat strange how the Filipinos looked much more different from Italians (well, other than the odd mestizo with enough Spanish blood to pass for White) than Middle Easterners do yet are so much more similar to us culturally.

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