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Dec 05th
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Wednesday, 28 July 2010 06:28
July 27, 2010 Kuya, Finally, I can sit down and respond to you to clarify things. On June 15, 2010, I received all the invitations mailed to my address and I immediately called you up that I received them. I told you that I will not be able to make it because the children (Kirsten and RJ) sold their house in Orlando and they are staying in my house temporarily and Jojo and his family will be coming home to visit. Thus, I have to prepare for their arrivals. On top of their moving, I go to Inay almost every day either to pick up the medicines at Walgreens, give her dinner, assist Joey on her needs or simply watching TFC with her. Perhaps, you are not aware how Inay is slowly aging more and more. She cries a lot and she mentions your name often. Joey is overburdened, too, he not only takes care of our mother, he has a full time job with big responsibility. In fact, Alex is working with him to assist on the paperworks of his department. Many evenings, I go home at 9:00, just in time for Alex to come home and have dinner with him. Please take note, too, that I have a full time job and after work, I have to pick up the grandchildren in school and bring them to their ball practices and wait for their dad to relieve me. From the ballfield, I go to Inay, give her company and wait for Joey to come home. This is my schedule for the day. Thus, when I received the first set of invitations, I brought these to Inay’s house and told her to tell everybody to respond. I also received another set of invitations mailed to my house and gave these all to Inay. During that period to respond, Inay got sick of shingles and we had to rush her to the emergency room of Palms West. She had been vomiting, couldn’t eat and very weak. In fact, Joey, Anggot and I have been calling in sick for the past weeks just to take care of Inay’s illness. All of our other sisters have scheduled days to take care of her. Please, don’t forget that Anggot has a husband and a son who are also sick. Please don’t forget, too, that Joey is limping because of his feet and he is losing weight gradually. We are very happy for you, for Maribel, for Chris and for Jackie. Please remember that I also have a daughter who is getting married and I know how excited you are for the big event. We always wish the best for the children. Issue about Jeje,’s masters in science in nursing: .After telling you that I can’t go to Chris’s wedding, you asked me how is Jessielee? I told you that I saw her in the fitting of the wedding gown of Kirsten. You asked me what is she doing and I responded that she is in Tampa, Florida and working in the VA. You asked me whether she is a registered nurse or LPN and I responded that she is LPN but she can go further studies because the hospital has educational benefits. I gave my daughter as an example how she finished her masters in science in nursing by asking reimbursements for every subject completed. You asked me whether she prescribes medicine, I said no because she is not a nurse practitioner. Being a nurse practitioner requires further study from six months to one year after obtaining your masters degree. Jeje obtained her MSN and she has not started yet her degree in being a nurse practitioner. All I know is she is upstairs assisting the nurse manager. Anggot, too, got her masters degree and she is in the ICU, not prescribing medicine. Kuya, I am not making yabang of my children’s educational attainment. Anybody can get an education as long as you are college material, get a loan and parents’ help. I am more proud of my children especially with Jeje when she listened to me about forgiving her husband and keeping the family and marriage intact. Love and forgiveness are the hardest to attain in life and this can’t happen if you don’t have Jesus in your heart. FYI, everybody knows about your article globally except my own family (Alex and my children) *. I desire not to let them know because I don’t want them to be opionated and I want to maintain peace within the Jose’s clan. After all, Kuya, you are still our big brother and we all love you. Thank you, Raquel * As of tonight, Kirsten confronted me what is happening with Tito Jessie. Andrei told her about the published article. I told Kirsten not to tell her dad and Jeje .
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