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Dec 08th
Wow. It was a truly dynamic convening of PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 18 December 2009 16:00
Wow. It was a truly dynamic convening of thinkers, leaders and activists here in Copenhagen this past week. And today, President Obama addressed this historic occasion and the full conference with a call for international cooperation and action. Affirming the global impact of a clean energy economy and the urgency of the climate crisis, President Obama recognized the progress made here at COP15 and reasserted America's pledge to forward the work of the conference agenda back home in the United States. With the steps taken in Copenhagen over the course of the last two weeks, our work at the Alliance is more important than ever -- and the President needs to hear about your commitment to clean energy and climate protection now more than ever before. What the President asked of the world today we must now ask of our own nation -- to put aside the politics of the day and embrace a spirit of cooperation and bold action. For the workers who need jobs, our families who want security, and for our children who deserve the prosperity, safety, and health that a clean energy future will bring through American leadership. Watch the speech and send your message about clean energy and climate solutions to the President and your leaders. The United States needs to make these goals a reality. As the President himself said, he can't do it alone: "We are ready to get this done today but there has to be movement on all sides to recognize that it is better for us to act than to talk. Better for us to choose action over inaction; the future over the past. With courage and faith, I believe that we can meet our responsibilities to our people, and to the planet." With all the momentum we have built this past year, and the steps forward at Copenhagen, we can proudly state that we have established a foundation for global progress to address the climate crisis. The United States can and should be the cornerstone of these efforts. But the President is relying on us to keep up the pressure to make sure this happens. Watch the speech and let the President and your leaders know you support bold action today: Thank you for being a part of this historic climate meeting at Copenhagen. It has been a rewarding experience this past week, and I'm looking forward to getting back to the U.S. and to our work together building a clean energy future for our country and our planet. Thanks, Maggie L. Fox President and CEO Alliance for Climate Protection

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