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Sep 28th
You know, even Rocky Marciano, the blood PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 09 November 2009 22:30
You know, even Rocky Marciano, the bloodiest fighter of all time - was not immune from doubts or criticisms about his ability. Rocky always came out bloody after all his fights, and yet...the suspicion of "mob influence" was always there. It wasn't a fair criticism, the guy was good! So, on Nov. 14th - I hope Manny fights a bloody fight, the bloodier, the better. Let blood flow, so that we can lay our doubts to rest. Look at his past fights - he got bloodied by Marquez, and good for him - he won, in spite of it. If his fight against de la Hoya had been "fixed" as the doubters would say, then, why did Oscar allow himself to be beat up,bloodied for eight rounds? Wouldn't it have been better for Oscar to say, "In the fifth, my ass goes down!" (a la Bruce Willis in "Pulp Fiction"). It's not that I don't have any doubts at all about Manny's abilities. Hey, PR's also happen to be topnotch boxers! PR has produced the likes of Camacho, Tito Trinidad and other greats. Let Pac-Man and Cotto slug it out....but my bet is still on Pacquiao. I have confidence in him. Addi

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