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Jun 26th
Home Sections American Politics Fil-Am Candidate Bows Out of Congress Race; Endorses Front Runner
Fil-Am Candidate Bows Out of Congress Race; Endorses Front Runner PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Monday, 31 August 2009 20:52


(Journal Group Link International)



C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – Filipino American Tiffany Rene Estrella Attwood, hampered by her late entry into the race and being excluded from the debates with other candidates, had a last-minute change of heart. She bowed out from the race for United States Congressional Primary election in the open seat in the 10th District in Northern California on Sept. 1. She then endorsed front-runner California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi.


If nobody gets 50% plus one vote in the primary election, a runoff election will take place on Nov. 3rd.


Ross E. Butler, campaign manager of Attwood for Congress, said, “Tiffany had decided to gracefully bow out of this race and endorse Lt. Governor Garamendi for Congress. This decision to endorse the Lt. Governor was an obvious but careful choice made by Tiffany.”


Ms. Butler added, “As our campaign was failing to find debate invitations, we finally decided to hold a formal protest in Fairfield, California, where the debate was being held to get our voice heard. With enough noise, people inside the debate took notice.


“Out of all the candidates, it was Lt. Governor Garamendi who came to Tiffany and asked, ‘What can we do to help you out?’ He also invited Tiffany to participate in a Pacific-Island Town Hall meeting where she sat beside Garamendi and answered questions with the Lt. Governor. Both Tiffany and I, as her campaign manager, were convinced that the Lt. Governor was very genuine in his concerns and also the concerns of Filipino and Latino communities which she represents."


Mr. Garamendi is also endorsed by the Democratic Filipino Caucus.


Ms. Butler added Tiffany’s campaign has now focused to work for Mr. Garamendi’s victory.


She said this election is not the end of Tiffany’s quest to run for Congress, adding, “I firmly believe that putting a Filipina in Congress is tantamount. Attwood is the choice for Congress.”


Ms. Butler added, some people who are impressed with her say:

1.         She is very intelligent over many issues and world/national events. Very engaging.

2.         Tiffany has a fun sense of humor, which she uses to her advantage in speaking or defusing potential conflict.

3.         She is an excellent speaker and can handle everything from the intimate gathering to large crowds.

4.         Tiffany's 17-plus years’ background in Finance, Housing and Urban Planning makes her a great candidate for a political office. And

5.         She is beautiful and demure.


A daughter of a Manila-born father James Olidan Estrella, Tiffany was one of the 12 candidates for the 10th District seat vacated by Ellen Tauscher, who had accepted the position of Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under Department of State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Her father, who is now 64, and who had worked as bus driver in Nevada, left the Philippines when he was “two or two and a half years old,” she said.


Her grandmother, Rose Olidan Wustistam, is from Mindanao. Rose met during World War II and later married a Portuguese, James DeCamba Estrella, a veteran of World War II.


Her mother, Isabelle Marie Paz, was born in Arizona. Isabelle was the daughter of Carlos Grijaval Paz, a Mescalero Apache Native American, and Marie Louise Lopez, a Mexican.


Born in Hayward, California, Tiffany Rene Estrella Attwood is a commissioner, a volunteer position, of the City of Danville, California,


Although, she is now a mortgage officer, Tiffany, wife of Francis Attwood and mother of a three-year-old daughter, Elle Rose, is pursuing a Business Finance degree.


Filipino Americans compose 8% of the total number of voters in District 10, which is made up of the Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Solano counties. ( # # #


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