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Oct 02nd
Home Sections American Politics Multiethnic Filipino-American “Soccer Mom” Vies for U.S. Congressional Seat on Sept. 1
Multiethnic Filipino-American “Soccer Mom” Vies for U.S. Congressional Seat on Sept. 1 PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Joseph G. Lariosa   
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 09:35


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C HICAGO, Illinois (JGLi) – A young Filipino American “soccer mom,” who counts the late President Corazon Aquino as one of her inspirations, is one of the 12 candidates for the United States Congressional Primary election for the open seat in the 10th District in Northern California on Sept. 1st.


Tiffany Rene Estrella Attwood, daughter of a Manila-born father James Olidan Estrella, is a candidate for the 10th District seat vacated by Ellen Tauscher, who had accepted the position of Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Affairs under Department of State Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.


If nobody gets 50% plus one vote in the primary election, a runoff election will take place on Nov. 3rd.


*Editor’s Notes: To view online materials about Ms. Attwood

and her candidacy (and how to contribute to her campaign),

 please click on these hyperlinks:



Tiffany Estrella Attwood - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Ms. Attwood's father, who is now 64, and who had worked as bus driver in Nevada, left the Philippines when he was “two or two and a half years old,” she said.


Her grandmother, Rose Olidan Wustistam, is from Mindanao. Rose met during World War II and later married, a Portuguese, James DeCamba Estrella, a veteran of World War II.


Her mother, Isabelle Marie Paz, was born in Arizona. Isabelle was the daughter of Carlos Grijaval Paz, a Mescalero Apache Native American, and Marie Louise Lopez, a Mexican.


Born in Hayward, California, Tiffany Rene Estrella Attwood is a commissioner, a volunteer position, of the City of Danville, California, and a wife of Francis Attwood and mother of a three-year-old daughter.


Holding two jobs to balance a family life to make ends meet, Tiffany Rene decided to run for the congressional race to prevent the front runner, incumbent California Lt. Gov. John Garimandi, a Democrat, from winning Tauscher’s seat. She asked, “Why would anyone elect the same official that put California in a $21-billion deficit in a Federal seat? I don’t think constituents of the 10th District want to put an experienced deficit-spending, tax-increasing politician in Congress.”


As a mortgage officer, Tiffany has a unique insight into the financial crisis gripping families and home ownership in her district. “Defaults in home ownership are up, on average by 14 percent in the District,” she said. “Families are now faced with possible layoffs, bad credit and nowhere to turn for help. I want to get the word out that Obama’s stimulus for housing is working, although a little bureaucratic, we’ve been able to give families their lives back.”


Ms. Attwood is well aware of issues on veterans and senior citizens, especially with health care. Her stepfather and two brothers are in the Marines. “The American people and the U.S. government have a solemn obligation to ensure veterans receive the benefits they deserve and that every veteran has equal access to those benefits,” she said. 


S peaking for her family relatives’ experience, Ms. Attwood said her family has struggled with getting decent health care with VA benefits, whose injuries were directly related to foreign wars. She said many VA hospitals, dedicated physicians, medical technicians, nurses and other staff appear to be stretched to their limits.


If elected, her campaign said she will author or support legislation that will help veterans receive health care from any hospital, instead of having to drive hours to a VA medical facility and wait for care.


Tiffany Rene would also want to take care of energy and health care issues. She wants to institute immediate health care reform and to have a “world class” industry with affordable costing insurance.


She wanted uninsured children covered by the State Children’s Insurance Program and seniors provided with quality care.


Although, she does not speak any Filipino language, Tiffany Rene said she is trying to learn.

She said she enjoys chicken pork adobo, lumpia, pansit and lechon (roast pig).


She is a member of the Democratic Caucus based in Alameda County. It meets in several facilities that host the group.


Her challenge now in her campaign is her exposure. As a minority, it is very hard to gather support from the mainstream community, she said.


In a campaign for a federal office that she is doing, Tiffany hopes to be a Filipino voice in mainstream America. She hopes to put forward the interests of the Filipinos.


She also counts volunteers not only among Filipino Americans but also among the Mexican-American and Native-American Indian communities.


There are 377,000 voters in the district, where the average turnout of voters is placed between 25% to 38%.


District 10 is composed of the Alameda, Contra Costa, Sacramento, and Solano counties.


Majority of the voters are 45-years-old and above. She said the young voters and the working sectors are usually staying away from the polls because they don’t want to miss school or be in trouble with their job. “This is something I want to correct – give these sectors a chance to vote without jeopardizing their school and work records.,” she added.


There about 8% Filipino Americans among the total numbers of voters.


She said she has been endorsed by area ethnic papers, like the Manila Times USA and Asian Journal.


She said she found inspiration from the late Cory Aquino for breaking the glass ceiling among women. She wants to play the same role of Mrs. Aquino in the US and give the community what they desire. ( # # #



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Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 August 2009 17:43
Comments (2)
1 Friday, 28 August 2009 21:00
I believe that Ms. Atwood withdrew & is now endorsing the candidacy of the Lt. Guv. I was given that information by my fellow campaigners in the Garamendi Walnut Creek Headquarters
2 Monday, 31 August 2009 14:49
Hi Joseph,

My deepest apologies on the delay of this email. Our campaign has been extremely busy over the past week in our transition.

As of just recent, Tiffany has decided to gracefully bow out of this race and endorse Lt. Governor Garamendi for Congress. This decision to endorse the Lt. Governor was an obvious but careful choice made by Tiffany. As our campaign was failing to find debate invitations (see below for web links on these stories) we finally decided to hold a formal protest in Fairfield, where the debate was to get our voice heard. With enough noise, people inside the debate took notice.

Out of all the candidates, it was Lt. Governor Garamendi who came to Tiffany and asked, "What can we do to help you out?" He also invited Tiffany to participate in a Pacific Island Town Hall where she sat beside Garamendi and answered questions with the Lt. Governor. Both Tiffany and I, as her campaign manager, were convinced that the Lt. Governor was very genuine in his concerns and also the concerns of Filipino and Latino communities to which she represents. Garamendi is also endorsed by the Democratic Filipino Caucus.

We are now in transition, to focus all our staff and supporters energy in Garamendi's victory.

On a separate note, I appreciate the very well written article on Tiffany. We have had several comments on it, which has been effective in promoting Tiffany as a professional and politician.

Joseph, our campaign can't thank you enough for the interest and help that you and Bobby have given to us. Although our campaign has switched gears to Garamendi, I firmly believe that putting a Filipina in Congress is tantamount. Attwood, is the choice for Congress.

The other day, I had a number of people come up to me after a rousing speech she had giving from a Park gazebo (around 70 to 100 people for a Garamendi gathering) and said they all wanted to get up off their seats and start chanting Garamendi. I may not have to sell Tiffany too much, but here are some quality's that she posses that people seem to find themselves gathering around her:

1. She is very intelligent over many issues and world/national events. Very engaging.

2. Tiffany has a fun sense of humor, which she uses to her advantage in speaking or defusing potential conflict.

3. She is an excellent speaker and can handle everything from the intimate gathering to large crowds.

4. Tiffany's 17+ year's background in Finance, Housing and Urban Planning makes her a great candidate for a political office.

5. She is beautiful and demure.

Joseph, if you are ever in the Bay Area, I would like to set up a dinner with you and Tiffany. She would be tickled pink to host a dinner in your honor. Feel free to contact Tiffany or me, if you are ever out here.

Below are the links to the debates:

Fog City Journal - CA-10 Democratic Candidates Square Off in Antioch

July 5, 2009

ABS - CBN News - U.S. Congress candidate accuses party of racism

August 8, 2009

Garamendi Press Release on Attwood Endorsement - John Garamendi Endorsed by Former 10th Congressional District Candidate Tiffany Attwood in Race for Congress

All the best,

Ross E. Butler
Campaign Manager - Attwood for Congress

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