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Oct 01st
Home Columns Amina Rasul The MabuhayRadio Welcomes Ms. Amina Rasul as Columnist
The MabuhayRadio Welcomes Ms. Amina Rasul as Columnist PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Amina Rasul
Monday, 04 February 2008 06:49
The is proud and privileged to announce the debut of a new column that will simply be called “Amina Rasul.”

Ms. Amina Rasul is one of the prime movers of the Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy. Ms. Amina comes from a politically-oriented distinguished family in Mindanao. She is the daughter of former Senator Santanina Rasul.

Here is Ms. Amina’s first column:



I would like to share with you the outcome of the First National Ulama Summit, which we organized, bringing together a majority of the ulama organizations in the Philippines, including the late Dr. Mutilan's Ompia and Ulama League of the Philippines. Below is an article about it from Newsbreak.  I have attached the resolutions supported by the ulama.

(Editor’s Note: The resolutions will be published as separate articles in the “Amina Rasul” column.)

The agreement of our ulama to confederate at the national level will allow them to play a more effective role in peace and development initiatives.  We hope you will support their efforts.

Amina Rasul
Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy

* * * * *

More Political Role for Muslim Religious Leaders Urged

Written by Carmela Fonbuena   

Dateline Manila, 29 January 2008

Muslim spiritual leaders, or ulama, from across the country are gathered in Manila this week to come up with unified efforts to turn around the growing negative perception of Muslims brought about by the violent acts of a "misguided" few.

Aimed at achieving long-lasting peace in Muslim communities, the efforts are likely to prosper if the ulama will be more politically involved, according to those attending the first national summit of Muslim religious leaders.

Ustadj Esmael Ebrahim, a convenor of the Philippine Council for Islam and Democracy (PCID) that organized the gathering, said the ulama should not confine themselves to religious concerns. "There's a misconception that they should confine themselves in mosques. They need to take the lead, especially for peace," he said.

Former Senator Santanina Rasul told some 200 participants that "the potentials are endless if the ulama nationwide [will] unite." She cited a Social Weather Stations survey showing that more Muslims would follow their religious leaders than their non-Muslim counterparts.

Discussion among the ulama showed their frustrations at how non-Muslims have feared Muslim communities, especially after 9/11.

"Islam is under intense criticism because of the violence of the misguided, claiming that their actions are blessed by Islam," Rasul said. "These concerns have led the ulama to a different level of leadership."

Yusuf Ledesma, a Muslim convert who attended the conference, has high hopes for the planned network organization. "We can be united in issues and be stronger in guiding Muslim communities," he said. 
Ledesma said the nationwide network can make a stand against vote-buying, for instance, an issue that has constantly plagued Muslim communities. 
There have been discussions, too, about implementing uniform religious laws in Muslim communities from Baguio to Sulu. Hm Din Syamsuddin of the Indonesian ulama council Muhammadiyah pointed out that problems in Muslim communities are caused by different interpretations of Islam. He was invited to the conference to share the efforts of ulama to advance peace in Indonesia.

Amina Rasul said that the “PCID’s goal is just to give the ulama opportunities to come together and play role in place and development. We want the ulama to listen to other scholars worldwide and get ideas on how to play a role as catalysts for peace and development." "Jihad can be implemented not only through physical contact like wars. We can have a jihad in the economy or culture," he said. 
Amina Rasul, PCID convenor, stressed that the decision to form a national political organization should come from the ulama themselves. PCID's goal, she said, is just to "give the ulama opportunities to come together and play role in place and development. We want the ulama to listen to [other scholars worldwide] and get ideas on how to play a role as catalysts for peace and development." 

She estimates that there are tens of thousands of ulama nationwide, with around 3,000 in Lanao alone. # # #

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