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Jan 31st
Home Sections Audio Video Jesus Dureza's Acceptance Speech
Jesus Dureza's Acceptance Speech PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Audio Video
Monday, 16 June 2008 16:00

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has a new Press Secretary, Jesus Dureza. The following was his acceptance speech.

{moseasymedia media=UserFiles/Media/acceptance1.wmv}





Acceptance Speech of Press Sec. Jess Dureza

16 June 2008


Let me thank Toting for showing me what correct lyrics on how the MY WAY song should be. After a while probably I will internalize all of those words were that has very specific reference to the work as Press Secretary.

First of all let me accept with humility the magnanimous task that I know Toting is very much relief right now…on how he feel of the office. I also thanked the President for great task. I know the sensitivity and the importance of this work. I will do my best to approximate the trust and confidence that the President has. I will get to learn the job as I go along Toting. I will listen very closely to the speech that you have made. And I hope in due time, I will also be able to earn the trust, the confidence and perhaps the life of the members of media whom I will be dealing early in the morning as you said, wake up very early and getting my self informed of about the day’s activities. As you know very well I have been a member of media during my younger days which is not too long ago. And workings of the media, I have imbibed professionally as I became a lawyer as working student being a journalist. There’s a lot of other nuisances that I have to learn in my work. And I seek the indulgence of cooperation of the members of media to allow me first to learn the ropes so to speak and be able to be a good partner in the work as expected as Press Secretary. I wish to meet immediately the media in some events in the Palace and meet also the other members of the media in the provinces so that I will be able probably to be inform on how we could work together in making my life and your lives a little bit less miserable in this work, to be able to serve the country as well not only just the Office of the President but the whole country as well. As you know for your information, it is not just totally confined within the Palace or within the bureaucracy in Manila, there’s a lot of news and information that is out there in the field and in the provinces. In the Office of the Press Secretary, I would like to immediately you here and the staff so that I could hear from them, I know there’s a lot things to learn. But I am very sure with the cooperation of everyone, I will try to approximate the expectations not only of the President but also the whole bureaucracy but also the Filipino people. It is a big task ahead, I wish Toting well, that I know that there’s a lot of cherish memories that he shared with you. I will not be intruding to this present memory but I would like to build up my own memories with you as your Press Secretary.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 18 June 2008 10:28

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