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Apr 20th
Home Columns Bai (Cebu & Magellan) Column How to Enrich Cebuano Vocabulary
How to Enrich Cebuano Vocabulary PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Bai (Cebu & Magellan) Column
Monday, 31 December 2007 13:13

The traditional printed dictionary is quite cumbersome and often not available. There are also online Cebuano dictionaries. However, it doesn't offer anything better than the printed dictionaries. It assumes that the user already knows how to derive the root word, a daunting task indeed.

A new Cebuano stemming algorithm has been designed and implemented. If an exact lexical entry for the word is not found, the meaning of the root word is offered.

Beta testing for the Cebuano Dictionary/Thesaurus is now available at

The Cebuano stemming algorithm can be seen here in action:
The web reader provides an online word look. No need to type, just move the mouse pointer. This has been tested with American colleagues who have no previous Cebuano knowledge. They were able to read and understand Cebuano news.

You may try reading the online Cebuano news using this link:

Editor’s Note: This article is taken from a posting by litogo@net in the Cebu Politics (

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