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Mar 29th
Home Sections Canadian Happenings Filipino-Canadian Social Press Club’s Resolution Is Found To Be Fake
Filipino-Canadian Social Press Club’s Resolution Is Found To Be Fake PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 11 January 2013 18:27


The News UpFront: (TOP STORY) as of
Friday, January 11, 2013 

The malarkey that a group of whiners led by Oswald P. Magno and Lilac Cana peddled and bought by some unknowing supporters has triggered a call from a founding member of the local press association for an inquiry after it was exposed that some alleged signers disowned any role in the effort, much less endorsed it. "It is fraudulent and by accepting it, we lend ourselves to be used in the fraudulent activity," says Balita publisher and editor Tess Cusipag in a statement to Philippine Press Club
Ontario. At least two individuals denied consenting to or signing the letter out of the 60-plus indicated in the list. The fraud could potentially make the initiators and PPCO liable.


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The Magno-Cana Malarkey Puts PPCO in Hot Water 




Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Asian-American Journalists Association (AAJA)

and National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC)



T ORONTO – The publisher and editor of Toronto's largest Filipino newspaper is asking the community's social press club to inquire why proponents of a petition passed it off as a genuine expression of concern when the fact surfaced that it was fraudulent.


The already fretful Philippine Press Club Ontario, a fellowship association of media and non-media personalities currently hit by resignations, has been dragged into the burning controversy after it accepted a letter or petition seeking to censure two news organizations and their respective editors for their exposes.


Essentially, the authors of the petition and its signatories wanted PPCO to exercise control and intervene in the editorial policies and management of the news organizations by reining in the flow of stories that expose wrongdoing in the community, including theirs.


Oswald P. Magno, president of a little-known cultural club, and Lilac Cana, a noted singer, are the spearhead of the campaign  launched right after both of them were written extensively about in Balita newspaper and the Philippine Village Voice-The Filipino Web Channel-Currents & Breaking News network.


(Full stories:;


Confirmation interviews conducted by this reporter on some of the purported signatories revealed that at least two individuals had no knowledge that their names had been included in a list allegedly showing support for the petition. 


There could be more out of the 60-odd people who are being bandied about as having signed or backed the effort but might not be aware of it. They also might not be familiar with the issues involved.


The fact that there are two individuals who disowned their signatures and participation has prompted Tess Cusipag, Balita publisher and editor, to demand a PPCO inquiry and an explanation why the club lent itself to the Magno-Cana attempt to undermine news organizations.


Though PPCO is not the proper venue for the Magno-Cana rants, an official accepted the petition and tabled it for consideration by its board instead of just refusing it since neither Magno nor Cana are PPCO members or media persons.


"I think it is just right that PPCO investigate Lilac Cana and Oswald Magno for producing documents against us with false signatures," Cusipag writes in an email to the PPCO board. " x x x  it is fraudulent and by accepting it, we lend ourselves to be used in the fraudulent activity".


The Cusipags (Ruben and Tess) are founding members of PPCO. Ruben has retired as editor emeritus and Tess has taken over the editorial and day-to-day management of the paper as publisher and editor. (Background story:


Two of the alleged signatories – Mercy Maliglig and Joe Damasco – denied consenting to or signing the petition. 


Maliglig, who is just recovering from a heart attack, was quite shocked to learn her name was in the list of endorsers. Same with Damasco who answered a firm "no" when asked if he signed or agreed to the petition.


The falsification of their signatures could potentially make the petition authors liable. The PPCO could also be said to be complicit in pulling down media organizations that it should be protecting.


Q uestions seeking clarifications from PPCO acting president Rubi Talavera were not answered. "As acting president of PPCO," she explains, "I would like to get direction from the board before I issue any official comments."


Talavera, a realtor and occasional contributor to a local paper, has taken over the club after its president, Ricardo Caluen, quit just six months after his election for some unexplained reasons. A board member, Jess Carlos, also resigned three weeks ago, saying he had lost his media links.


Questions are being asked why PPCO gave the non-media Magno and his supporters who are not members at all, a platform to issue their diatribe against founding members Balita and its editor.


Magno has since become the defender and unofficial spokesman for a Toronto couple now in the eye of the controversy, namely, Tobias Enverga Jr., who has recently been appointed to the Senate of Canada, and his wife Rosemer Enverga, who generated the initial brouhaha by her alleged failure to submit financial reports involving the top money-making beauty pageants that she had managed.


" . . . the subsequent articles targeting the Envergas are, in our opinion, misdirected and have no legitimate purpose except to annoy, harass and hold the above-named members of our community up to hatred, contempt and ridicule and to cause them substantial emotional distress," states the petition reportedly drafted by Magno.


Rosemer Enverga claimed at her press conference last April that she could not recall the amount of monies gained from three beauty pageants she managed - the Little Miss Philippines, Miss Philippines and Mrs. Philippines - but she was quick to remember how much she gave to her charities.


Last month PIDC announced that, based on an audit, it earned only a total of $12,996.74 from revenues of $104,669.24. from the three beauty pageants. For purposes of comparison, organizers of Miss Manila make a clean $10,000 a year from that single contest alone. (Video: href="/" target=_blank>).


The petition decried what it called "media bullying" or "the use of excessive, repetitive, sensational, abrasive, contemptuous, crass and mean-spirited articles which have no ostensible purpose other than to badger, harass and subject their objects to emotional distress" apparently because of the constant reference to the Envergas.


The petition said the Envergas "have been the main targets of the x x x  media organizations and also Lilac Cana" whom it called "a gifted Filipino artist and community volunteer". Cana has quit PIDC after receiving a $3,000 payment for services initially thought as volunteer work. (Full story:


Magno started the bullying with his email to Cusipag by threatening and blackmailing her so that she would stop the stories focusing on wrongdoings in the community. 


He wrote: “I have a sneaking suspicion your star reporter is up to something. He better not cross me. Remember too, I have the goods on you – your letter to (Immigration Minister Jason) Kenney, etc. I have over 10000 contacts in cyberspace. I am watching your next moves and I have already readied my blogsite if you both choose to wage war with me. You will lose.”


But Cusipag will not be cowed either. She wrote him back: “Don’t threaten me Oswald (Magno) x x x don’t cross my path as well. Let’s fight in court if you can afford it. x x x Who the hell do you think you are?” # # #


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