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Oct 30th
Home Sections Canadian Happenings Filipino Newspaper in Toronto Vilifies Deceased Filipino-Canadian Editor Who Has Not Been Buried Yet
Filipino Newspaper in Toronto Vilifies Deceased Filipino-Canadian Editor Who Has Not Been Buried Yet PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Bobby M. Reyes   
Sunday, 21 July 2013 16:29

T he vulture was spoiling for a fight that he could hardly wait for the nine days of mourning to pass and let grief subside. He shows up in his brashest best at the funeral of Ruben Cusipag, faking sympathy and making conversations with people. The real intent was different; he was sizing up his perceived enemies on behalf of his masters. The deceased had not been buried yet. Meanwhile, he launches his attacks on Cusipag's widow through a competing paper, the left-leaning tabloid that sets its covetous eyes on the Cusipags' Balita, Toronto's largest Filipino newspaper. Shamelessness has found its home in this vulture.

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Left-Leaning Paper Mounts Attack While Editor Lies in State

Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) and Reporters Without Borders

If you can't go back to your mother's womb, you'd better learn to be a good fighter. ― Anchee MinRed Azalea

TORONTO - The vulture did not even have the decency to at least hold on to his cheap shot. He had to unleash it while the grieving was just beginning.

The commentator named Vulture de Tarsier, so aptly named by one "Voltaire de Leon", is no lion; he's a sulking wannabe writer belonging to a dubious band called PNS, or pinabili ng suka, scattered in the Filipino community, pretending to be another epitome of clean living.

Apparently his parents tried to make him look and sound good, so they took his name from François-Marie Arouet, the 18th century French writer, philosopher and playwright whose wit encompasses almost every aspect of human knowledge. This local "Voltaire" however is none of those.

All he had is a similar sounding name that when the heavily-accented Camachos and Magnos pronounce it, it becomes homophonic. Thus "voltaire" sounds like "vulture", which is just fine by me. In fact, from this moment on, he's vulture, and by his own choosing, Vulture de Tarsier.

Had a family member not died and he collected some insurance money, the vulture would still be feasting on leftovers courtesy of sympathetic friends while waiting for the chance to better his sorry life. Then death visited, the poor spouse departed and he lifted himself up. That was his first taste of freedom.

Among combatants, the conventional and accepted code of conduct is observed even in times of war; they pause in slaughtering each other in deference to those already dead. Man's humanity still reigns supreme despite the brutality of fighting.

But this Vulture de Tarsier found the moment of mourning for Ruben Cusipag a good opening to launch his attacks. He had no respect, no moral scruples, no regard for sensitivities. 

But one may ask: what does one expect of tarsiers, knowing their brain is as big as their eyeballs, which is approximately the size of a penny?

And it's not surprising either that his launching pad is the left-leaning tabloid of Hermie and Mila Garcia - the crumbling Philippine Reporter, which should be renamed Philippine Supporter for its weird choice of non-issues to uphold and fight for. (Full story:

That the Garcias lent their propaganda sheet to this Vulture de Tarsier all the more strengthens my belief that Philippine Press Club Ontario should kick Hermie Garcia out as president of its 17 members for ignorance and rampant violations of its constitution. (Video at:

From the day I disclosed his many transgressions to the day I found out that the Garcia couple had been ordered by the Ontario Court of Justice to pay creditors over $20,000 for debts they owed, the Garcias have been largely quiet. 
Their strategy was, perhaps, to let their weasels do the assault for them so they would appear innocent. 

Indeed, the barrage came in fits from individuals or composite of individuals in various disguises, all assailing Balita, its staff and the paper's unparalleled efforts to expose criminal activities and the shenanigans in the community. (Video at:

That's where Vulture de Tarsier comes in. Having effectively immobilized the liar that is gasbag, no one else had the spunk to come forward unless the Garcias pledge their support in their tabloid. The paper is now their compliant mouthpiece.

Vulture de Tarsier's attack is the dumbest, shameless and tactless act of hostility he could commit. It shows his ignorance and his awful lack of savvy very much like the diminutive puppet that he tries to defend.

"We plead for decency in journalism," he writes, ignoring the very source of indecency in these parts, which is the paper on which his article is published.

Besides, what does he know about journalism? His occasional writings do not constitute journalism, yet he expresses doubts about my own credential. (Background story:

I rarely have my photograph taken with high officials, for to me, that's best left to social climbers who build their reputations by constantly being pictured and publicized just by standing close to them. 

I'd rather that I'm identified for my reportage. My absence, therefore, from picture albums does not mean I don't know what I'm doing. (Full story:

Not to boast, but I've earned my bragging rights, not only because I'm in this business far longer than anyone else except those my senior, but also because of international experience as a foreign correspondent for nearly two decades. (Video at:

I was writing for a world audience while Vulture de Tarsier was looking up word meanings in an obsolete dictionary. With a brain the size of a penny, how would he understand that the world is not just his neighborhood of rumour-mongers and kibitzers? (Background:

He avers that he "used to write for" Balita, obviously to try to establish a name for himself now that Balita has emerged as Toronto's largest Filipino newspaper. 

In fairness, I'm inclined to give some weight to his claim, knowing that the ever-generous Ruben Cusipag did not have the heart to refuse friends even if it meant forsaking his high editorial standards occasionally and sacrificing the quality of his paper a little bit. (Video at:

That's probably the reason his articles landed on Balita's pages at a time when the internet was still a concept. I say that only because, honestly, I don't find any news value or literary merit in his ode to himself. At best it's a moronic article, consistent, however, with the kind of brain he has. 

And that leads me to believe that it is his friendship with the Garcias - as much as it was friendship with Ruben Cusipag - that caused his article to be published. 

That did not make him a journalist. He should not lull himself into believing that his brief association with Balita means he's already made. That's shameless!

The best advice I could give Vulture de Tarsier is to read Balita every chance he gets. One does not become the newspaper of choice for nothing.

You know what, Vulture de Tarsier? Before your tarsier-sized brain could evolve into something bigger, dump the Garcias or you'd be imprisoned in their own gulags.

In Balita, you'd be enlightened. You'd be knowledgeable. You'd be more open and tolerant. You'd be more understanding. You'd be more aware. 

And, just to clarify, I don't mean to invite you to be a mascot for Balita. That's for Tess Cusipag to decide.

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