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Mar 29th
Home Sections Canadian Happenings Romy Marquez’s Critics Continue to Recycle Literary Trash
Romy Marquez’s Critics Continue to Recycle Literary Trash PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013 15:35

D esperately unable to find a good argument to support his smear campaign, the arrogant gasbag flings the old, recycled grime, hoping people would catch the stench. But it is his stinking smell that's befouling the community. He engages in distortions to win sympathy, perhaps to get the notice by politicians to his inglorious existence. He asks for transparency in some private lives yet he would not do the same, perhaps fearing some skeletons would spill out of his closet. He raises "character issues" but not his own. What is he who stoops so low and drags innocent people to the gutter in the guise of political correctness?


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Befouling the Community with Recycled Trash




Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Asian-American Journalists Association (AAJA)

and National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC)



T ORONTO – The hapless gasbag could not find dirt that would match the stench of his foul mouth, so to get even, he turns to his equally nefarious pal who then digs into his bag of tricks and comes up with the filth that has been repeatedly discredited and recycled.


Oswald P. Magno will do everything to fling other people's grime, believing it's safe for him to do so because he didn't author it, even coupling it with threats he could pull together. He didn't realize he was demeaning himself more than the person he was trying to smear. Talk of stooping that low and he is it.


I have written articles, published stories and created videos for the mainstream and the local press. No matter the controversies they generated and continue to generate, regardless of how people look at them with jaundiced eyes, I stand foursquare behind every single work that goes out there.


The story of a relationship gone sour that I wrote and published in my own newspaper in San Diego, California, in 2005 was an uninhibited recitation of facts. It became the basis of a news video by a deeply-biased Caucasian reporter who was trying to ingratiate herself to the Filipino community.


Confronted because of distortions and inaccuracies in her story, the reporter and the station's news director refused to correct it, even more they denied my demand for equal time on the same slot to air my rebuttal so that I could reduce the story to trash, which was what it was in the first place. 


Some people forget that no impediment existed then as now for me to enter into relationships. I was single, and still am. Why it bothers Magno and his cohorts is beyond me . . . unless of course he's suggesting something kinky that I despise as a man.


Had Magno bothered to ask, he would've have known what led to the news video that he brandishes whenever he feels he should attack me for telling the truth about him. 


That same news video was peddled by sympathizers and/or supporters of Rosemer Enverga after the series of stories I wrote about her alleged failure to submit reports that would have shed light on the financial standing of three beauty pageants she managed. (Story at:


The same news video is the weapon of choice of my adversaries in California whom Magno consorts with and from whom he gets fed with all the poop he could swallow. (Video at:  href="/" target=_blank>).


The pattern of personal attacks has been there from the time I put out that single story of my affair. I stood by it then and stand by it now. And just to let people know, I made that story into a book to remind me to be cautious and not to be too trusting of politically-ambitious individuals who would go the length of faking relationships to score political points.


Whenever I expose the many pretenses and skeletons of role-players in the community - in San Diego and now in Toronto - the news video would surface. I'm not surprised at all because I knew the aim is to ruin my credibility as an investigative journalist. (Story:


But if my adversaries would only try to fathom my reasons for writing it, I believe they would understand and stop hawking the video as proof of what they believe as questionable motives in my information outreach to the community.


I do not make a career out of bilking people through fundraisings; some of Magno's friends do. I do not front myself as the epitome of charity and virtue; some of Magno's friends do, shamelessly. I do not engage in exploiting the young women and old matrons in the community; some of Magno's friends do and make money from them. I simply report on what these people do.


I hesitate to touch on the relationship in detail in fairness to the other party in the episode, not out of fear of Magno and his cohorts and their combined attempts to besmirch my career and reputation that I've built as a reporter, editor, foreign correspondent and now as a crusading community journalist.


If Magno insists on knowing, I can lend him the book so he can savor the salacious details. I worry, however, that he would find the urge for gratification irresistible and sequester himself in the relative safety of a bathroom, flushing the toilet every now and then to mask his animal delight. My other worry is he would not return the book so he can keep reading the story every sneaky chance he gets.


Magno's latest rant is an act of desperation by a man wanting sympathy. He continues to twist the facts to make himself look like a hero in the eyes of his supporters. He demands things that border on interference. He calls for editorial say in Balita. He seeks answers to his ridiculous queries.


Would Magno agree to be transparent as to reveal the state of his relationship with his wife or girlfriend the way I disclose mine? Would he shine the light on what seemed to be a lackluster career?


If what people told me are to be believed, Magno would just keep a tight lid on it, afraid it would open a can of worms which would destroy their image as a wholesome couple given to operatic arias by the likes of Paul Potts, not Pavarotti, not Domingo and definitely not Carreras. (Video at:  href="/" target=_blank>).


Magno asks for objectivity, a characteristic he sorely lacks. "All of a sudden, I am cast as the bully," he writes, forgetting how he muscled and blackmailed my editor and publisher - a woman - into submission to his dirty tricks. 


I hope he does not do the same type of bullying to his wife or girlfriend or to members of UPAA Toronto to get what he wants. I hope not. (Actually, "bully" is a favorite keyword of Magno. Video at:  href="/" target=_blank>).


It was his threat that triggered all these. When I took up the cudgels for my editor, the equation changed; it's now man to man, if man he is. But his responses to my indignation were not what I expected; they were effeminate barks of a toothless chihuahua, to say the least, evasive and distorted. 


Magno could not even be honest with himself. He commits lapses and blames them on others. Now, he becomes the defender of Rosemer Enverga. Consider how he twists the truth:


He writes: " x x x although the details were known to him, he did not shed light on the egregious effort, which was cloaked in secrecy x x x to denigrate the recently appointed Senator before the Prime Minister soon after his appointment was announced, all based on unsubstantiated allegations against the Senator’s wife."


The lawyer in him fails him miserably. Or, put another way, he ignobly fails the law. He succeeds, however, in portraying himself as an ignorant bully who has no grasp of the facts, and where facts exist, he has no understanding of them, whose knowledge is at best based on hearsay.


The allegations against Rosemer Enverga are very public; in fact they were made during a press conference. (Video at: href="/" target=_blank>).


Magno claims the stories about Rosemer Enverga were aimed at belittling the appointment of her husband, Tobias Enverga Jr., to the Senate. The truth is that the stories about the couple predated his selection. Story:


Video at:  href="/" target=_blank>.


What else can I write about this gasbag? Maybe I should just wait till he releases all the hot air that props him up. By that time, it would befoul the community to warrant another story. # # #


The video is at Filipino Web Entertainment Channel: ">


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