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Jun 30th
Home Sections Canadian Happenings Unmasking 'Ronnie Carpio,' the Toronto Lapdog That Carps Crap
Unmasking 'Ronnie Carpio,' the Toronto Lapdog That Carps Crap PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Romeo P. Marquez   
Thursday, 17 April 2014 11:39

He carps crap a number of times on some issues in the community but no one really bothers. He thinks silence is a justification to smear people, and so a guy named "ronniekcarpio at gmail" mounts an attack on well-meaning picketers demanding justice for the alleged gang-rape by Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon and Richie Reyes, hosts of Eat Bulaga show, of a 14-year-old girl named Pepsi Paloma in 1982. Behind that "ronniekcarpio" monicker, according to friends, is a small-time disc jockey who is very much older than the university-educated people he calls "dirty old men". People who know him say he's a "lapdog" of a couple involved in controversies about money.

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'Ronnie Carpio' -- The Toronto Lapdog That Carps Crap

Member, Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE), Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA), National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada (NEPMCC) and Reporters Without Borders

" . . . by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned." - Matthew

T ORONTO - It was a shot in the dark when I responded to this internet poster with the email address of "ronniekcarpio at gmail" and called him a marionette. It turns out I hit a bull's eye.

I initially searched the web and it was fruitless; the guy had nothing of importance to his name. His community activities were limited to a nickel-and-dime business disc-jockeying for private parties with his wife.

That way he gets to spend weekends, and some weekdays too, practically without spending a penny, for with his job comes a free meal, and in some occasions, he earns extra dough signing up for lessons those hopeless to learn dance steps.

The guy, "an old fart" as a friend describes him, had aroused my interest after a series of postings in Fil-Am Forum, one of the Yahoo groups of which he and I obviously belong. I'm a member only because it affords me to reach out to Filipinos in other areas.

I remember enlisting at a time I was being attacked for my stories by detractors similarly motivated as this "ronniekcarpio at gmail" and I had no means to fight back unless I join in. So I did.

Even when I'm already in, I had zero interaction with other members as I limit myself to posting my stories and commentaries from wherever I am. And the latest of those stories was about the live performance in Toronto of the cast of Eat Bulaga.

If not for the alleged gang-rape of Pepsi Paloma by Eat Bulaga hosts Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon and Richie Reyes (now a desaparecido?) in 1982, the program would not have attracted my attention. I know many people like it for its folksy appeal but for me, I view it as imbecilic.

But Sotto and De Leon are still there and were coming to Toronto to perform with the whole cast, including Tito Sotto, now a senator in the Philippines, who also figured in the rape case as the person who allegedly manipulated the victim after the act was consummated.

As a journalist, it is unpardonable to ignore the story, given its background and the fact that the partners in crime would be in our own backyard and make us pay a hefty sum to entertain the community with their silly antics. Simply stated, the big story was coming our way.

Not one to miss it, I went to Sony Centre, the downtown venue, not to watch the show but to try -- regardless of how vainly it was -- to film them, or ask them questions about the rape, or how they managed to evade justice all this past 32 years.

Besides, a group of concerned citizens was staging a protest rally demanding justice for Pepsi Paloma, and rejecting the presence of alleged and supposedly-confessed rapists in the persons of Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. 

The two-timing, bald-headed father of five, Wally Bayola, was there too; he, made famous by his 6:14 minute video of his sexual intercourse with Eat Bulaga dancer Yosh Rivera. And, of course, the current flame of the alleged rapist Vic Sotto, 24-year-old Pauleen Luna. also a dancer.

All these are elements that made an explosive story. Most of the media in Toronto didn't see it that way; what they saw was the entertainment the show offered. It's a judgment that reflected how Filipino newspapers are filled with.

When my story came out on Sunday -- that's after doing all the videos about the protest on Saturday afternoon -- one of the reactions came from "ronniekcarpio at gmail", a nondescript person who, friends say, is a jerk, a loser, an aging Filipino Elvis Presley, an incompetent dance instructor and, most revealing of all, an "Enverga lapdog".

Holy moly! The last verbal description suits him well as it matches his perverted reaction - drawing interest away from Eat Bulaga and the rape stories, and highlighting his personal attacks against the protesters and myself, to shield his masters.

It's a classic diversion. In the attempt, however, "ronniekcarpio at gmail" forgot that he's vulnerable to a response more brutal than he could imagine. 

He smears the protesters like he was an Adonis, and judging them as "mostly Dirty Old Man looking citizens and some fat or healthy housewives who have nothing better to do that day or maybe hoping to get a free tickets to enter the concert". 

He neglected to say that in the ranks of the protesters were respectable men and women -- a lawyer, an educator, a geologist, a chemist, an accountant, a teacher, a businessman, a newspaper publisher and editor, an entrepreneur. In other words, they're educated.

The fact is "ronniekcarpio at gmail" is older than the protesters. All his senior life, he had been so used to getting freebies to the point that he ascribes that spontaneous protest picket as a pressure to gain entry to the show for free! What a nonsense!

Why was this small-time DJ denigrating them? I believe he's doing a hatchet job on behalf of friends and occasional employers. And his identification as an "Enverga lapdog" tells it all.

Eat Bulaga did have a connection with the Envergas, Tobias Jr. and wife Rosemer; he through his Philippine-Canadian Charitable Foundation and she, through her employer GMA Network, the home studio of Eat Bulaga.

Without their blessings, Eat Bulaga would not have been promoted heavily in PCCF and in its social media sites. Rosemer Enverga and her team from PCCF were the proud  welcomers at the airport when the Eat Bulaga retinue planed in Wednesday evening from Manila.

When the Pepsi Paloma rape story initially broke in Toronto, not many people thought about its relevance to the Eat Bulaga show on April 12. The Envergas were among its proponents. They probably didn't realize that the alleged gang-rape would significantly change people's perceptions of the program and of main hosts Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon.

Adding fuel to a raging fire was the still-steaming sex video between co-host Wally Bayola and dancer Yosh Rivera, who are both with Eat Bulaga. What a family!

The rape, the sex video, the low quality entertainment and questionable ways of some of its performers have all given Eat Bulaga an unpleasant image as a family entertainment. Any woman, much less a 14-year-old girl like Pepsi Paloma, could be helpless victim of gang-rape.

And the Envergas have three daughters. They seemed to have set aside that fact as they lent their approval to Eat Bulaga in Toronto, starring alleged rapists Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon. And the alleged sex perfomer Wally Bayola.

That is the context of why "ronniekcarpio at gmail"  is referred to as an "Enverga lapdog". He and his masters would rather close their eyes to attacks on women than lose some moments of rotten laughter.

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