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Jun 01st
Home Community Civil Rights Filipino-American Plaintiff in Discrimination Suit Sends Updates of Case Status. She Needs Your Help
Filipino-American Plaintiff in Discrimination Suit Sends Updates of Case Status. She Needs Your Help PDF Print E-mail
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Communities - Civil Rights
Thursday, 20 December 2007 17:03

Filipino-American Plaintiff in Discrimination Suit Sends Updates of Case Status.

She Needs Your Help Very Badly. 

Here is a letter received from Dr. Emie Breyer, the Filipino-American professor, who sued the University of Georgia for discrimination. QUOTE. Happy Holiday, Staff, and thank you so much for your help.  I do hope that this message finds everyone well. I hope you don't mind if I send you this update regarding my case. I finished my deposition last week and is waiting for the response to the interrogatories and request for sopies from the other side.  We are scheduling the deposition of two faculty members from GSU early next year as soon as we receive their response.  I attach my new lawyer's brief on my case for your review.

I have raised the first $5000 for the month of December and is now starting to raise the second one for the month of January.  I am hoping that I can count on your support early next year for the rest of the funds.  I am more than happy to do what is needed for us to have the  fundraising event in Southern CA  next year. Just please let me know what I need to do to make this possible. Again, thank you so much. UNQUOTE.

As a community, we have to help Dr. Breyer because she is paving the way for Filipino Americans and other Asian Americans to break the glass ceiling that often hinders the progress of our people in this country. Her victory in court will be our people’s victory. If you want to help even during this holiday season, please contact us, so that we can coordinate our efforts.


To read the other articles in this web site about the trail-blazing suit of Dr. Breyer, please click on these links

A Letter of Appeal for Support from Dr. Emelita D. Breyer  and


 An Update from Prof. Emie Breyer About Her Discrimination Suit Vs. U of Georgia


and Fil-Am Professor Sues Georgia State University and U of Georgia Regents for Discrimination  


Here is the attachment sent by Dr. Breyer: 




TELEPHONE 404/873-8000 * FACSIMILE; 404/873-8050



 December 17, 2007




TELE;PHONE 704 377-2770

FACSIMILE; 704 377-2703 To


 Whom It May Concern: 


We have been retained by Dr. Breyer to represent her against the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, Dr. Dabney Dixon, and Dr. Jerry C. Smith of Georgia State University.

The case is an important one. Dr. Breyer, a person whose academic and scientific achievements are beyond question, was denied tenure in Georgia State University's ("GSU") Department of Chemistry. We allege that Dr. Breyer was denied tenure, not based upon these credentials, but based upon her status as an Asian-American and her national origins, Filipino and Chinese.

This case puts center stage an issue of growing importance in America and particularly in academic and professional settings: the Asian glass ceiling.

Our investigation leads us to believe that at least one professor in GSU's chemistry department has made employment decisions based on the perception that there are "already too many Chinese faculty in the department."

It has long been unlawful and unconstitutional for a public employer such as GSU to discriminate against its employees in the terms and conditions of their employment, including applications for tenure.

Dr. Breyer has a long and difficult road ahead of her. Increasingly in recent years, courts across this nation are becoming hostile to employment discrimination claims such as those we bring on Dr. Breyer's behalf.  Pursuing this case means obtaining many hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of documents from GSU and the individual defendants. It means taking multiple depositions of key witnesses.

We will have to extensively brief the case merely to survive the defendants' certain attempt to have the case thrown out. Then, if all goes well, we may have a trial. 


PARKS, OHESIN & W.ALBERT, BO., To Whom It May Concern, December 17, 2007, Page 2 


Though litigation is a long, expensive process, we cannot overstate the importance of the issues Dr. Breyer seeks to vindicate. We must be able to rely upon equality in American academia; there, if nowhere else, the best must rise to the top based upon merit, and free of unlawful discrimination.

Dr. Breyer's case challenges some of the most influential members of GSU's scientific faculty. She brings allegations that no one would wish to believe, and yet the evidence is there for all to see.

We will work tirelessly on Dr. Breyer's behalf, and we are honored to do so. With best regards, I remain 


Very truly yours,


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Last Updated on Thursday, 20 December 2007 17:14

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