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Sep 22nd
Home Community Civil Rights Is George Aratani A Racist?
Is George Aratani A Racist? PDF Print E-mail
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Communities - Civil Rights
Wednesday, 24 October 2007 16:00

To those who do not know who George Aratani is, please read this article at

Mr. Aratani is a Japanese-American industrialist who was sent to an internment camp during World War II. He donated $500,000 to study the World War II imprisonment of 120,000 Japanese Americans. The UCLA announced that George Aratani's donation would establish the first endowed academic chair in the USA to study the internment and the decades that followed it. Mr. Aratani founded the Mikasa chinaware firm and the Kenwood electronics corporation. UCLA gave him "The UCLA Medal", its highest honor, and called him a philanthropist.

Probably because of the’s article about Japan’s Modern-day "Comfort Women" that mentioned Mr. Aratani, an American of Japanese ancestry contacted this writer. This "Deep Throat" of our online publication alleges that "George Aratani is a racist. Because he forbade the marriage of his 31-year-old grandniece to a man when he found out he was not Japanese. Mr. Aratani praised the man as a ‘wonderful young man’ and invited him to dinner and to his house on numerous occasions until the day he found out the man was not Japanese. Sensing something was wrong, the young man's father went to talk with Mr. Aratani.  At that time Mr. Aratani stated that he absolutely forbade the marriage.  He then stated that the girl and her family were heavily dependant on his financial support and that he would cut off all such support unless she terminated the relationship.  Additionally, he stated that if the marriage went through, he would cut off all family ties with the girl and her family.  Under this tremendous pressure the girl, who had been living in Mr. Aratani's home for over a year, decided to break off the relationship with the man after having already accepted his marriage proposal.  Mr. Aratani is a truly confused individual and it is sad that a man who has publicly complained about the racism he experienced in America could turn around and act in such a bigoted way. He should not be touted as a philanthropist."

Our "Deep Throat" says further that "the actions of George Aratani are truly unbelievable. In his writings he talks about the racism in America and how it negatively affected his family. But some Japanese Americans are stunned by his belligerence and disrespect he showed towards some people who are fellow Americans but not of Japanese descent.

Our contact has requested that this web site not disclose his/her identity because there is a high potential for backlash from the Japanese-American community, which touts Mr. Aratani as a hero of sorts.  "Deep Throat" says, "There is a need have to protect my family from such a backlash not only from Mr. Aratani but also from his influential friends in the Japanese-American community."

Obviously our "Deep Throat" could not persuade the Japanese-American press or the mainstream media to publicize the accusations against Mr. Aratani. Well, the never fears to ask questions even to the highly-influential members of American society.

Will Mr. Aratani or his Public-Relations’ office answer this rhetorical question of whether he is a racist? Perhaps Mr. Aratani may like to comment on his supposed ending of the marriage of his grandniece . . .

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Last Updated on Thursday, 25 October 2007 17:44

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