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Aug 13th
Home Columns Dissenting Opinion Elvis Rants and Writes President Bush About the Terrorists Who Could Not Have Done More Damage
Elvis Rants and Writes President Bush About the Terrorists Who Could Not Have Done More Damage PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Dissenting Opinion
Monday, 24 September 2007 07:15

An Open Letter to our President

Dear Mr. Bush:

Now that almost four-thousand of our military have been slaughtered and thousand permanently maimed in Iraq with nothing really accomplished you have done more to harm America than any terrorist group could had done. In addition you have ruined the economy of our nation and put us into hock with those who would not hesitate to use their position to influence the conduct of our government to our detriment.


If our nation survives that long it will require our grandchildren to pay off these debts.

Our military is over stressed and we are not in a position to protect our democracy if under attack. We are despised all over the world.

Our infrastructure is a shambles and there is no money available to adequately repair it.

There is also not enough money for necessary relief from disasters, for health care for the needy, for future social security for our retirees. We also cannot protect our borders from unlawful entry and from terrorists.

I’m reasonably sure that you are a patriot. Yet, through your ignorance, obstinacy and self-serving advisors you have accomplished more to harm my country than any enemy. When I see more and more of the brave young men, home from that disaster. walking on metal limbs and trying to look content, my blood boils.

I am a combat veteran and a vengeful patriot, Mr. Bush, and I wish you ill; you and your legacy.


Very respectfully,

Bernard "Elvis" Lehrer, LLB, JD



Editor's Notes: The author is a retired lawyer. He is happily married to a Filipina, Ella Ma, and living in quiet retirement at Ventura Beach. He is involved in show biz and recently has been doing Elvis impersonations. He also writes political letters that regularly get published in local newspapers. Some of them appear under his name in `Google` where readers may also find many of his war stories. The above article is a recent political rant of "Elvis" Lehrer.

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