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Jul 13th
Home Columns Dissenting Opinion Senator McCain Selects Gov. Sarah Palin and Empowers Women's Lib
Senator McCain Selects Gov. Sarah Palin and Empowers Women's Lib PDF Print E-mail
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Columns - Dissenting Opinion
Sunday, 06 April 2008 07:05

NEWS FLASH.  (From the Sen. John McCain's surprising choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate is indeed a boost for the political empowerment of women. This website brings back an earlier essay, "Women's Lib: Why It Is Harder for a Woman than a Black American to Be Nominee for President." Senator McCain has demonstrated his true leadership for real change by naming a woman governor, who is 21-years younger than the Democratic nominee for Vice President. Sen. Joe Biden may claim more foreign-affairs experience but in the matter of national security, Governor Palin has commanded the Alaska National Guard while Mr. Biden has commanded only the attention of his fellow Democratic senators. And worse, Sen. Barack Obama has not even commanded a troop of Boy Scouts.

Here is Ms. Guia Lim's essay that was first published last April:

S lowly some supposed friends of Sen. Hillary Clinton abandoned her like rats do on a sinking ship. Ostensibly, Mrs. Clinton’s friends jumped into the smooth-talking Barack Obama’s slick vessel of hope. Or were they just hoping that the American public will not detect their sexual bigotry? Mr. John Kerry, Mr. Christopher Dodd and Mr. Ted Kennedy, to name a few Democratic male pillars, and lately even her husband’s protégé, Mr. Bill Richardson, endorsed Mr. Obama. Is it because these national leaders of the Democrats are just envious of witnessing the making of America’s first woman President? Is chauvinism the main reason for the defection of many male Democrats to Senator Obama? How many of these failed presidential aspirants harbor gender prejudice, which they will not admit in public, as a matter of political sense and reality?


Well, thanks to the Ohio and Texas primaries and her surging lead in the Pennsylvania polls, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is alive and well. The resurgence of the Clinton campaign has proven wrong the New York-based left-leaning media that wrote already, albeit prematurely, her political obituary. Mark Twain would have said that the news of Hillary Clinton's demise was greatly exaggerated. Perhaps Ms. Hillary can be like her husband and be dubbed also as another “Comeback Kid.”

It is time for the United States to have an American version of Indira Gandhi or a Golda Meir, if not a Benazir Bhutto.

Mr. Obama burst upon the American Main Streets like an instant celebrity. He dazzled the American public, especially Hollywood, with his good looks and smooth tongue. He stunned political pundits by delivering a brilliant speech in the 2004 Democrat national convention. The American media fell in love with him.

This year, Senator Obama even swept Caroline Kennedy off her feet, who anointed him as if he was the reincarnation of her father.

As MabuhayRadio columnist Jesse Jose said, “He knew John Kennedy and Barack Obama is no John Kennedy.” President Kennedy’s oratorical prowess and charisma inspired young people to serve in the government, especially in the Peace Corps that was his brain child. He gave hope to the American youth and even the senior citizens, especially when he called for a New Camelot in the District of Columbia. Mr. Jose and other critics of Senator Obama ask: What has Mr. Obama done for Americans, except for his sweet talk, to earn the honor of becoming their President? Even in the Great State of Illinois, people now realize that Mr. Obama has done very little, even in attempting to change for the better the usually-corrupt patronage-tainted politics in Chicagoland.

Is Mr. Obama no John Kennedy but an "Oreo" version of George W. Bush?

Inspiring oratory can motivate campaign volunteers but people can detect if the rhetoric is empty and just full of hot air. Hot air can inflate rapidly a balloon and make it soar but sooner or later it has to come down. As the saying goes, the faster and higher a balloon goes, the harder it hits the ground once it runs out of hot air.

Mr. Obama has been promising to bring the country together. But perhaps he is indeed no John Kennedy but an Oreo version (to use Mr. Jose’s term again) of President George W. Bush, who has succeeded in becoming America’s most-divisive Chief Executive. Senator Obama has become a more-polarizing figure than the incumbent President and even his opponent, Senator Clinton. The country is now divided along racial lines, in spite of his claim that he can unite the many ethnic communities in the country.

Editor’s Note: To read one of Jesse Jose’s many articles about Mr. Obama being an “Oreo candidate,” please click on this link, Change? What Kind of Change? Loose Change? Or, Sex Change? (Obama Is the "Oreo Candidate")

Come to think of it, Senator Obama, per Jesse Jose’s term (i.e., Oreo candidate), is half-Caucasian, half-Black but he is 100% masculine. Hillary Rodham Clinton is 100% Caucasian but is 100% feminine. Even if Senator Clinton was 100% of Black-Kenyan pedigree, still she would not get the support of many Black chauvinists because she is a woman.

Senator Obama and his supporters belittle Ms. Hillary's experience not only as a woman lawyer, a First Lady but even as a more-senior senator (if compared to Mr. Obama, a first-termer in the United States Senate). The Obama campaign people argue that he has better judgment. What some Americans think is that Senator Obama is just brandishing the brashness and inexperience of youth, which is the reason many American voters who are 50-years or older do not trust him. It is a pity that Senator Obama could not wait like what John F. Kennedy did and serve 12 years in the American Congress first before running for President.

But perhaps it is time for the United States to have an American version of Indira Gandhi or a Golda Meir, if not a Benazir Bhutto. Perhaps 2008 will be the banner year for the American feminist movement and the world will see a woman occupant of the Oval Office. The American woman voters are keeping their fingers crossed and knocking on wood and on doors, house-to-house, and urging voters to help Mrs. Clinton. # # #

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