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Dec 05th
Home Sections Ecology and the Environment "Clean Energy" Is KK’s Topic on DZRH-AM Radio on June 11th @ 7:30 p.m. (RP Time)
"Clean Energy" Is KK’s Topic on DZRH-AM Radio on June 11th @ 7:30 p.m. (RP Time) PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Ecology and the Environment
Sunday, 08 June 2008 14:28

"Clean Energy: Could it save us from high oil prices?" on KK! Talk Show on DZRH -AM radio on June 11, 2008, Wed., 7:30 p.m. (Manila Time)


As oil prices surged last week, more than 500 individuals from within and outside Asia—government officials and policy makers, manufacturers, project developers, and service providers; top officials of financial institutions, leaders in the energy field and civil society groups—met to share their concerns, as well as visions, initiatives and innovative ideas toward a clean energy future. The Asian Development Bank (ADB), together with various cooperating governments and other organizations, brought them together for the Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2008.

ACEF promotes clean energy in the Asia-Pacific region through donor cooperation and clean-energy policies and financial solutions that respond to the climate change and energy-security challenges for the region. This year, it included the "Marketplace of Ideas," which enabled Asia's most promising clean-energy solutions to be promoted and selected for five Innovation Awards. One of the awardees was the Renewable Energy Association of the Philippines (REAP).


ACEF's closing speakers Ted Flanigan (Eco-Motion), Winston Bowman (USAID) and Bindu Lohani (ADB) challenged the participants to help "green" the way to a cleaner energy future through policies, investments, and individual and group actions.


Their challenge became urgent as oil prices reached their biggest ever one-day rise last Friday. We must now act to produce and use clean, sustainable and affordable energy to overcome high oil prices, as well as to reduce the threat of global warming, which affects our survival on earth. Each one us has a role to play in meeting these challenges.

 What are the clean energy options for the Philippines? What options are now in effect and how can we help scale them up? What are the barriers for doing so? What more can we do? Hear some answers to these questions in Kalikasan, Kaunlaran! (KK!), DZRH -AM radio on June 11, 2008, Wed., 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Guests are Engr. Oly S. Serafica, president, REAP and vice president, MATEC and Atty. Ed Barrion, Legal Corporate Affairs of KL CNG Transport Corp. and Chief Operative Officer, Greenstar Bus Corp. Both Engr. Serafica and Dr. Cora Claudio, president of the EARTH Institute Asia, and KK host, were speakers at ACEF.


You are invited to join the contests, campaigns and projects of EARTH/KK! To join all, just register as a KK! listener by texting 2299: earth<space>REG < name, age, sex, address, email address, and  name of who invited you to tune in>. Always type "earth" first as many other programs use 2299. If you are a PWD (Person With Disability), please add the type of your disability. KK! is developing a database on PWDs to assist those who help them.


KK! is co-produced by EARTH Institute Asia, Inc. and  DZRH , with the cooperation of the MAP, GREEN Army, PFST, TOWNS, PBE, AIJC, PEIA, DENR, and  others. It is at 666 kHz in Metro Manila and  at other kHzs in other areas nationwide. It is globally accessible through or (Or just click any of the DZRH hyperlinks in this article.)


You and/or contacts are also invited to join KK!'s roster of partners-sponsors, such as Unilever, Unilab, and  Toby's Sports. Providing in-kind support are Delbros Supply Chain Solutions, MAP, Brahma Kumaris, and  Arch. Paulo Alcazaren.


Inquiries: 671-3266, 0915-647-4648 (Globe) or 0921-302-7303 (Smart), or email # # #


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Last Updated on Sunday, 08 June 2008 14:39

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