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Sep 15th
Home Sections Ecology and the Environment "Facing Today's Environmental, Geopolitical and Economic Risks" Discussed on KK! Radio Program
"Facing Today's Environmental, Geopolitical and Economic Risks" Discussed on KK! Radio Program PDF Print E-mail
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Sections - Ecology and the Environment
Sunday, 02 December 2007 02:54

"Facing Today's Environmental, Geopolitical and Economic Risks" Is the Topic on Wednesday, Dec. 5, on DZRH-AM, 6:30 p.m., Manila Time

On Dec. 5, 2007, Kalikasan, Kaunlaran! (KK!, 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m., DZRH-AM radio) focused on risk management and present the highlights of the most-timely symposium on Environmental Risk and Insurance Management. It is aired nationwide, e.g., 666 KHz in Metro Manila and is globally accessible on or


Are we prepared to face today's major risks, which were identified by world leaders at a recent World Economic Forum as environmental ( e.g ., climate change), geopolitical (e.g., terrorism) and economic (e.g., oil price shocks that could lead to business interruptions)? Some of them are natural or what some people refer to as "acts of God" (e.g., the earthquake a few days ago) and some are man-made ( e.g., the Peninsula siege,  also a few days ago). How is the insurance industry responding to these old and modern risks?

A symposium on Environmental Risk and Insurance Management was held on Nov. 27, the day the earthquake occurred and two days before the Penn "situation."

Invited guests for the radio program are Insurance Industry leaders , president of R.A. de Dios and Co., Inc., and   Michael Rellosa, president and COO, Fortune General Insurance Corp. KK host and EARTH Institute Asia President, Dr. Cora Claudio, a speaker at the said symposium, will also participate in the talakayan in conversational Tagalog-English. Reynaldo de Dios

You are invited to tune in and also join the KK! projects, contests, and campaigns. You can join all of them if you are a registered KK! listener. To register, text 2299: earth<space>REG < name, age, sex, address, email address, and name of person who invited you to tune in KK! >. (The commas are required.)

You will also hear more about the Malunggay Para sa KK, 2M Puno Para sa KK, Sapal Para sa Kabuhayan and other projects that EARTH/KK is implementing in partnership with Secura, Manila Jaycees, Carica, GREEN Army, DENR, MAP and others. The contests offer cash prizes and the projects provide livelihood while protecting and enhancing the environment.

KK! i s co-produced by EARTH Institute Asia, Inc. and DZRH, with the cooperation of MAP, DENR, GREEN Army, PFST, TOWNS, PBE, AIJC, PEIA, and others.

You are also invited to join KK!'s partners-sponsors. For this quarter, they are Unilever, Shell, Unilab, Petron, and Toby's Sports. Providing in-kind support are Del Bros Supply Chain Solutions, Figaro Coffee, The Bowler/TOWNS Awardee Bong Coo, MAP, Brahma Kumaris/Deanie Lyn Ocampo, Penny Velasco,  KN Industries, and PFST/Science Centrum.


Inquiries: 671-3266, 0917-829-1718, or email


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